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Bursting with potential

As you might know, companies everywhere are making their way to the cloud. It’s estimated that the average company has 545 cloud services in use, storing a total of 1 exabyte*. In fact, most believe that cloud is the future of IT, promising unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. Today this revolution is well underway, with 97 percent of companies either already using or considering cloud and changing their technology models and mind sets to make way.

*SOURCE: Skyhigh Networks

Yet questions abound

Cloud is perceived to be a security challenge. Despite confidence in cloud security by nearly two-thirds of cloud users, companies that haven’t yet implemented cloud cite fears around data security as their main reservation (52 percent). Limited budget or resources follow at 33 percent. Then there are a number of concerns about the skills and knowledge needed to properly implement cloud that hold people back from adoption, including: limited IT experience with cloud (33 percent), uncertainty about the best approach to cloud implementation (20 percent) and not having enough information about cloud (19 percent).

The future home of data

While companies are flocking to the cloud in droves, most see it primarily as a driver of efficiency, describing the top three benefits as: better allocation of IT resources (44 percent), cost savings (42 percent) and efficiency (40 percent). It seems that greater value is being extracted by small pockets of companies, with 1 in 4  using cloud to be more innovative (26 percent), 1 in 4 using it to implement new business models (23 percent) and 1 in 5 using it to attract new customers (16 percent). These pioneering companies give us a glimpse of a brighter, more cloud-enabled future, and as more complex applications are moved to the cloud, we would expect these numbers to grow.

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