3 Twitter tips for expanding your presence


Whether you’re a small business just launching a Twitter profile, or an established company ready to expand your reach, there are always opportunities to grow your audience on Twitter. We have shared some helpful Twitter tips on how to do this in previous posts, but today’s piece will focus on growing your Twitter audience with lists, website integration and contests.

Twitter Tip #1: Use Lists to Keep Track of Conversations

You can create and subscribe to lists, which are managed groups of users. The timeline of a particular list displays Tweets from the users on that list. Lists help you keep track of conversations in a more organized way, helping you find out exactly what people are saying about your brand. However, you cannot send or direct Tweets to lists — they are used only for reading. You can create lists, add or remove users, and subscribe or unsubscribe from lists created by other people.

Twitter Tip #2: Integrate Sharing on Website

Make it effortless for your visitors to follow your Twitter profile by adding a ‘follow’ button to your homepage. There are a number of options available, which you can choose and then generate the HTML code to add to your site.

Alternatively, you can display individual Tweets, which are great for sharing endorsements or testimonials. Simply copy and paste the embed code found at the bottom of each Tweet’s permalink page.

Twitter Tip #3: Run Related Contests

Contests are another way to attract new followers while keeping the existing follower-base engaged. Sweepstakes, giveaways, exclusive deals and momentum-building strategies like flock-to-unlock give users a reason to talk more about your brand. These conversations increase your follower base and provide feedback at the same time, helping you tailor your messages accordingly.

Follow these three tips in a loop. For example, start a contest and tweet to existing followers, then publish the tweet on your website for visitors, and create lists to keep track of what users are saying about it in particular and your brand in general.

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Do you have any Twitter tips that have worked for you? Please share with us by leaving a comment below.

Connie Bensen

Connie Bensen

Global Digital Marketing, Social Media and Community Executive at Dell
Connie Bensen is a leading Community Strategist who has provided resources and mentorship for Community Managers since 2007. Her definition for the Community Manager role is linked from Wikipedia and has been referenced by many organizations. She can be found presenting at leading social media conferences around the world. She has authored a series of ten white papers on the ROI of Social Media.
Connie Bensen
Connie Bensen
Connie Bensen
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  • Satish Kumar Singh

    Good tips Connie!! I am already using Tip #2 on my blog http://satish-k-singh.blogspot.in/, & will use #1 & #3 very soon. Thanks for sharing.

  • Maryalice Leister

    Some excellent ideas here – thank you, Connie. I am actively promoting the increased use of Twitter in the education field, encouraging teachers to embrace the advantages. Your tips will help.