Clothing shop thrives using promoted tweets

When New York specialist retailer, Alter Brooklyn, wanted to increase in-store customer walk-ins, they turned to Twitter. Using Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, they gained 250% more followers, boosted engagement rate by 1-4% and increased in-store walk-ins. Their strategy provides useful tips for marketers looking to leverage Promoted Tweets for social campaigns.

Alter Brooklyn looked to engage new and existing customers on social media, as well as fashionistas and style mavens. To cater to this audience mix, they employed a three-pronged strategy:

Generate Excitement with Promoted Tweets for Appealing Fashion Products

This was done to showcase the brand’s edgy style, collect retweets from followers and broadcast its niche in eclectic fashion merchandise. Most tweets included an image of a model wearing the new product alongside that model’s Twitter handle.

Promoted Tweet from Alter Brooklyn

Share Exclusive Content

By providing behind-the-scenes content for current and new fans, Alter Brooklyn was able to successfully boost word of mouth marketing. Unique content drives the conversation – and it proves that your products cannot be found anywhere else.

Get the Conversation Started

With new fans joining in, Alter Brooklyn capitalized on the excitement by asking questions and inviting fans to participate. By engaging directly with their audience, Alter Brooklyn kept their followers interested as new products were unveiled.

Previously, Alter Brooklyn had sent multiple daily tweets about new products, promotions, behind-the-scenes insight and local information. But company owners Roy Caires and Tommy Cole decided tweeting a few times a day just wasn’t enough. They wanted to expand their marketing reach with Promoted Tweets.

Image connected to promoted tweet, with model and brand product.

As they sought out more followers, Alter Brooklyn targeted customers in specific geographic areas with a list of interests. As a result, they were able to generate a 250% follower increase on their Twitter account. Specific branding and targeted messaging helped spur growth, while exclusive content served to increase brand awareness.

Their efforts resulted in a Tweet engagement rate of one to four percent – and a significant increase of foot traffic in-store.

The Twitter for Business page highlights several success stories using Promoted Tweets, where business owners were able to engage their audience and drive traffic. We’ll also offer you information about a host of web marketing tools designed to help you customize your account for optimal results.

Do you have any Promoted Tweets success stories from your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Margo Smale

Margo Smale

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Margo Smale
Margo Smale
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