The Entrepreneurs’ Spirit: Blog Roundup

There’s been a lot of excitement in the past few weeks in the world of entrepreneurship, and the Direct2Dell entrepreneur blog was there to capture it. In case you missed out, here are three great posts about empowering business’s movers and shakers:

Expanding the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network in Europe

Dell’s Melanie Derome, from the Consumer and Small Business Communications Team for EMEA, discusses the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), a group dedicated to enabling opportunities for female business leaders. Read her post to get the low-down on their recent European tour which included networking events in London, Berlin and Paris.

Legislation to Support Entrepreneurs

Ingrid Vanderveldt, entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) at Dell, recently testified in support of Texas’ SB 328, a bill designed to help encourage the hiring of EIRs in state government.

Bills like SB 328 encourage the use of existing funds to:

  • Improve government’s outreach to the private sector
  • Improve coordination between government and the private sector
  • Educate government about how technology can help it be more transparent and interactive
  • Adopt best business practices to make government programs simpler, easier to access, more efficient and more responsive to users


Technology Investment for Growth

Steve O’Donnell, CEO of GreenBytes Inc., writes about a Think Tank he moderated in Amsterdam covering how small and medium businesses invest in technology for growth. The panel consisted of two groups: the first was made up of entrepreneurs who built their businesses on technology, while the second built their equally successful businesses only using technology superficially. Read the full post to learn what O’Donnell concluded from this insightful discussion.

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Dustin Jenkins writes about IT solutions for Dell.

Dustin Jenkins

Dustin Jenkins

Dell Contributor at Tech Page One
Dustin Jenkins writes about IT solutions for Dell.
Dustin Jenkins
Dustin Jenkins
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