Finding royalty-free images for your content

Eye-catching images increase the visual appeal of blogs and social media pages. Yet in a world beset by copyright laws and intellectual property rights, finding free images for your blog can appear to be a daunting prospect.

You may not want to pay for these visuals, but you can’t infringe any copyright laws either. There are ways to make your content look good without spending money or resorting to copyright infringement.

Use Your Own Content

In most cases, you’re better off taking screen-caps, photographing the process or creating your own diagrams and schematics. This will make your content more authentic and valuable – but it could take time to create.

If you need something fast, there are plenty of free resources on the internet that can help you.

Five Databases for Free Images to Add Visual Appeal

  1. Stock.xchang: An enormous database of free images and graphics; properly categorized and tagged. Use their search functions to find the right image.
  2. Wylio: While this service offers paid accounts, the free database offers enough for the casual image seeker. Free users get five downloads per month, while paid users can download up to 1,250 images in two payment tiers. Wylio offers one-week trials for their paid services.
  3. Creative Commons (CC): An extensive search system that collects images from several websites. You can specify your criteria based on licenses, and there are several license types that govern CC’s image use. Most images require attribution, so make sure to credit the original authors if you use their content
  4. Flickr: A photo-sharing portfolio site, Flickr has a dedicated CC section with free-to-use images — most requiring attribution. Images are categorized on the landing page according to license types, and clicking on each section takes you to more expansive sub-sections.
  5. Free Images: A U.K.-based depository of free images. As with other image sharing services, attribution is required.


Use these databases to collect images for your site – just remember to give credit where it’s due. Check out this post on digital copyright laws for more information.

Have you used free stock images for your content? Tell us how you acquired them in the comments!

Margo Smale

Margo Smale

Dell Contributor at Tech Page One
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Margo Smale
Margo Smale
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