How to create a Windows 8.1 lock screen slideshow – Windows 8.1 has several new built-in apps and services, one of its new abilities is to do more with the lock screen. Windows 8 allowed some customization of the lock screen, but in Windows 8.1, you can do even more. Including the ability to create a slide show of photos or other images. When you create the slide show you can pull images from the local device, and from the soon to be renamed SkyDrive.

Create a Lock Screen Slide Show

First bring up the Charms bar and select Settings > Change PC Settings. When the PC Settings screen comes up, select PC & Devices from the left column.

1 PC Settings

Here you have your Lock screen options, and a static image will be selected as the default background. Just turn on the option to play a slide show. Also on this screen you can select where to pull pictures from. Select Pictures to add pictures from your local machine.

2 Enable Slide Show

Now for the fun part. Select Add a Folder, and here you can select images from multiple locations including your local machine, SkyDrive, or a network or Homegroup if you’re connected to one. The cool thing with having SkyDrive integration, new photos and images will be added to the slide show as you add them – even from other Windows devices.

3 Image Locations

Now when the lock screen is enabled, it will scroll through the pictures you’ve selected. You’ll want to pick your photos and other images judiciously, especially if there’s pictures you’d rather not have people around you see.

4 Lock Screen Slide Show

This is just one of the great new capabilities added to the lock screen in Windows 8.1. It also allows you to access your devices camera to take pictures easily, make and answer Skype calls, better notifications and a lot more. I’ll be covering these new features in detail in future articles.

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