How to utilize Pinterest Web Analytics for business

Pinterest has recently introduced Web Analytics for business accounts to track pinning behavior. Pinterest says their analytics tool can help you:

  • Understand what things people love from your website
  • See how they share them on Pinterest
  • Learn how they want to make those things part of their lives

According to an infographic by e-commerce analytics firm Rich Relevance, Pinterest shoppers spend between $140-$180 per order — as compared to $80 and $60 spent by Facebook and Twitter shoppers respectively. By understanding the behavior of this valuable market, you’re likely to increase your chances of user fulfillment.

To activate Pinterest Web Analytics, you’ll need to:

  1. Set up or Convert to a Business Account
  2. Verify Your Website
  3. Switch to the New Look

Data Provided by Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics keeps the numbers that you have to process to a relative minimum. The key metrics measured are:

  • Pins from your website
  • Repins from your website
  • Impressions, determining the average number of people who saw your pins
  • Clicks, determining the number of visitors to your website

Provided as four separate graphs, each metric has two series of information: actions, and the number of people who performed those actions.

Other features provided for each of the metrics include:

  • Date Range Options, including quick selects for 7 days, 14 days, 30 days or user generated range options
  • Information on each metric, along with tips for improvement and understanding performance
  • Percent changes of metrics compared to a previous date range
  • Averages for selected date ranges
  • Data points which provide information for a specific day
  • Export to CSV option

Other than the four key metrics, there are three tabs which give details on:

  1. Most Recent Pin – What’s been most recently pinned from your website
  2. Most Repinned – Which unique pins have been most repinned for a single day, 7 day or 14 day period
  3. Most Clicked – Which unique pins people have clicked to visit your website

Clicking on any of the pins displayed in the tabs lets the user see which board it was pinned on, the person who originally pinned it, and what other similar pins users have pinned. You can export the 100 most recent pins with more details on each for the three tabs above.

Pinterest Analytics Insights for Business

A few questions which Pinterest Web Analytics will allow you to answer include:

  1. Is the content from your website getting pinned? If not, do you need to add more visually appealing images?
  2. Are your images going through to your Pinterest audience, i.e. are they being repinned?
  3. Are people seeing your pins? Does the correlation between Impressions and Clicks make sense to you?
  4. Are people being driven to your website or are they simply repinning your images?

Is there more that you’d like Pinterest Web Analytics to provide or do you think this is a good start? Please share your ideas and comments below!

Cy Jervis

Cy Jervis

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Cy Jervis
Cy Jervis
Cy Jervis
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