How Twitter helped a car dealership close the sale

Many businesses have realized the impact Twitter can have on their bottom line, but until they see practical examples they aren’t inclined to act. When one small-town company decided to enhance its social media marketing strategy, they couldn’t have imagined the multi-layered success that followed. Here is how a Canadian auto dealership was able to reach out to its Twitter followers, landing them an unsuspecting client in the process.

Twitter helps car dealership land the sale

What comes to mind when you think of Twitter for business? Companies use it to send out updates sharing new product information, but it’s more than that. Clients now regularly engage in conversations around common interests, and viral contact with new prospects occurs frequently. When someone has something to say about a business, the Twitter account is a great way to spread the news fast.

Focusing on the consumer engagement aspect of Twitter, Discovery Honda’s social media manager Tanya Thompson devoted time to connect with the company’s followers, tweeting consistently and linking a relevant content mix.

Be a Great Listener

Thompson attributes consistent listening on Twitter as a major success factor for her social media strategy. She responded to each mention of the dealership, its products and services — and she engaged in social discussions. One particular tweet caught her attention last April, from a local resident that had brought her vehicle in for servicing. As she waited for the work to be competed, the customer tweeted from the showroom about a new Honda Ridgeline on display.

It didn’t take long for Thompson to pick up on the client’s enthusiasm. She immediately tweeted an offer for a test drive of the truck. She realized that the window for action was short, demonstrating the power of instant gratification on social media.

The customer tweeted about the experience during the test drive – using the @DiscoveryHonda handle throughout. Not only was the dealership able to build on this real-time customer experience, but other Twitter users vicariously experienced the thrill of that test drive. The customer had a great experience, and she purchased the new car that same day.

Stay Alert and Act on Twitter’s Opportunities

Thompson cites her attention to social media conversations as key to this success. She explains that the sale would never have been made without monitoring the brand’s Twitter account – and immediately acting on customer feedback.

Moral of the story: always look for opportunities to actively engage with your audience, and offer support under the right circumstances.

Social media tools allow businesses to instantly act on consumer expressions. This dealership was able to jump on an opportunity, enhance the experience of one customer, reach out to countless other customers, and land a sale in the process. By listening to your company’s brand mentions, product mentions and relevant hashtags, you can engage with your audience at optimal times.

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Have you seen other examples of auto dealerships leveraging social media for sales? Let us know in the comments!

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