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aNewDomain.net – Kickstarter positions itself as “a home for everything from films, games and music to art, design and technology … full of projects, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you.”

In trying to identify the next big thing to emerge from Kickstarter, whether mind-boggling or expanding, you must eliminate all pitches related to show-business. These are as common as head shots in a casting office. Valid stuff, but not a solution for the world.

What remains is quite amazing. The Kickstarter website says 3.9 million people have pledged $579 million to fund 39,000 creative projects.  These aren’t some of them.

Kickstarter Be Your Own Movie Poster

Image Credits: Viki Reed

1. Be Transformed Into The Star Of Your Own Movie Poster

By Jän Strauss
Backers – 26
Goal – $10,000
Funding – $2,507

You get a fake movie poster book for your pledge of any amount. Your part is to “send an evenly-lit photo of yourself – not taken with a disposable camera or taken-off an old Facebook album and is at least 200-300 dpi … he can probably make it work”.

The fake movie posters of yourself are guaranteed to “confuse everyone who comes to your house.”

bizcaz socks2. The Socks Of The Future!

By Daniel
Backers – 250
Goal – $7,500
Funding – Goal reached December 2012!

Daniel raised $7,500 to manufacture U.S.-based BizCaz Socks. He describes them as “Not Your Parents’ Socks” – a nod to the phrase ‘these ain’t your daddy’s socks?’ The socks are “anti-stink, trendy, reversible and ready for biz or casual wear.”

According to the creator, the secret behind the anti-stink guarantee is the infusion of real silver threads into the socks. But beware – silver toxicity can cause a myriad of problems according to Rightdiagnosis.com. The socks will like retail for about £165.

3. Photo Fetish, A Photo Book Of Beautiful Toes

By Shoot To Kill
Backers – 2
Goal – $300
Funding – $60

It’s a book full of foot pictures, plain and simple.

invisible barn4.  The Invisible Barn

By Kate Less Madsen
Backers – 3
Goal – $3,000
Funding – $60

The pitch says it all: “I have this barn. It sort of blocks the view, and the sunrise in the east. It is an old barn, with a bit of myth behind it. The wall I want to paint is 20 feet high and 50 feet long. And blank. I want to do a tromp l’oiel painting to blend the large blank wall into the surrounding scenery. What I include in the painting will be up to the backers. A brochure about the painting will include the names of all backers and information about the barn.”

5. It’s Just A Plant – A Children’s Story Of Marijuana

By Ricardo Cortés
Backers – 67
Goal – $9,000
Funding – $3,718

This project failed to reach its funding goal. The top pledge tier of $2,500 each would get funders a photo of themselves and a loved one, in the third Edition of the children’s book It’s Just a Plant.

And, yes, you would have received the original illustration he made of you, which he would have included in the third edition of this fun, thoughtful and fact-oriented explanation of the complexities of marijuana. You know, for kids.

skycube6. Skycube: The First Satellite Launched By You!

By Tim DeBenedictis
Backers – 2,711
Goal – $116,890
Funding – $82,500

This pitch was the lengthiest and most vacuous that I read, despite an assault of information, FAQs and press-release links.

Essentially, the idea is to take trash into space so people can take super low res photos of earth with a wide angle lens. These images would be Tweeted with a message from space at a slow speed on a publicly-used, unlicensed bandwidth channel. This project was picked up by celebrity George Takei, who Tweeted and Facebooked his enthusiasm about the venture.

The pledge tiers range from buying seconds and minutes on the mission to requesting images and Tweets, all the way up to the $10K club.

Don’t we need clean water and toilets in third world cultures much more? I’d rather launch an invisible barn.

Viki Reed

Viki Reed

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Viki Reed
Viki Reed
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