Let’s get visual: Pinterest marketing tips from Sephora

With nearly 50 million users, Pinterest proves that shoppers like to look before they buy. Brandon Gaille, a business blog for entrepreneurs, revealed that 70% of users visit Pinterest to get inspiration for their purchases — which is significantly higher than any other social media site. This creates unprecedented and unique e-commerce opportunities for retailers to use Pinterest’s visually powerful medium.

Sephora, a French cosmetic store brand, realized that their average Pinterest follower spends 15 times more money on their website than their average Facebook fan. They leveraged this knowledge with social marketing, which has earned them over 170,000 followers to date. Here are the Pinterest tips that worked for Sephora — and that may inspire other marketers interested in utilizing visual content.

Showcase Your Company’s Favorite Products on Boards

Showcasing your company’s most popular products helps inspire and encourage customers to make similar purchases. Our first Pinterest tip comes from Sephora’s “It Lists,” which feature their employees’ favorite products. The board has one pin which summarizes an employee’s physical features (such as eye color) and includes a picture of their favorite Sephora products. It then has individual pins of each product, with a small description of why it’s a favorite.

Use Pinterest Analytics to Learn What is Popular with Customers

This next Pinterest tip revolves around Pinterest Analytics – a service that provides information on what your audience considers popular. Sephora created boards with content their followers found interesting – such as Beauty Lists and Face Charts. CMO and Chief Digital Officer Julie Bornstein said that they used Pinterest Analytics to find top pins, and applied them to different product shots. They used the tool to learn what’s already working, and also to experiment with different Pinterest techniques.

Merge Pinning with Email Marketing

Letting customers pin from emails allows them to save products they may want to purchase later. Emails are an important part of Sephora’s marketing strategy, and to help drive pinning activities they:

  • Included their Pinterest account in the email footer
  • Enabled people to pin products directly from the email

Other tips for integrating Pinterest with email marketing include:

  • Creating Pinterest boards which follow the same theme as an email, such as Sephora’s Color Blocking Board
  • Featuring your most pinned images from the website in an email

Use Boards to Inspire Customers’ Next Major Shopping Event

According to Hubspot, a marketing software company, 80% of pins are repins. For businesses, this means that good images have a greater chance of going viral than text-based social updates. Sephora inspired their customers by creating boards around major shopping seasons, such as New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and more. Allowing a community of 110,000 followers to repin images created a snowball effect for popularity and interaction with their brand.

Sephora implemented effective marketing strategies and tips on Pinterest to drive customers and purchases. To summarize, the top Pinterest tips for success are:

  • Inspiring customers by showcasing products from your company’s thought leaders
  • Keeping feedback from Pinterest Analytics in mind when creating pinnable images
  • Letting customers pin from email to purchase items at a later time
  • Inspiring customers for their next big shopping trip

Need some more inspiration? Check out these Pinterest marketing tips here on Tech Page One. Do you have any specific Pinterest tips or marketing strategies that have been successful for your company? If yes, please share them with us!

Connie Bensen

Connie Bensen

Global Digital Marketing, Social Media and Community Executive at Dell
Connie Bensen is a leading Community Strategist who has provided resources and mentorship for Community Managers since 2007. Her definition for the Community Manager role is linked from Wikipedia and has been referenced by many organizations. She can be found presenting at leading social media conferences around the world. She has authored a series of ten white papers on the ROI of Social Media.
Connie Bensen
Connie Bensen
Connie Bensen
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