Rewind: Dell Social Business Connection Community

social media buttonThis past week in the Dell Social Business Connection community, readers learned how to extend their social communities beyond the mainstream networks using forums, niche networks and even wikis.

We shared the success story of one entrepreneur who built a dedicated social community with over 75,000 members around her business. Readers also learned how to host and promote Google+ Hangouts on Air in order to market their businesses. Finally, our Social Media Predictions for 2013 e-book launched; it’s already been read by over 10,000 people in just a few days!

See what went on in the Social Business Connection community:

Mourin Nizam Shares Social Engagement Tips Beyond the Big 4 Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn can all be valuable social media marketing platforms for companies, yet there’s a whole social world beyond these major networks. Marketers are finding success in niche communities, on forums and in discussion groups. Mourin walks readers through one part of our social journey at Dell, participating in communities on and Spiceworks in order to be where our customers are already engaged. See her tips for finding and getting involved in niche social networks.’s Social Success Story from Scott Schindler

Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones was featured in a Dell Entrepreneur Spotlight post recently, after successfully building a social community of over 75,000 members around her brand. Scott Schindler dives deeper into her social experience to uncover tips and advice for budding social business owners. Embracing technology and social media allowed this UK business owner to go global and to do so rapidly, with a plan in place to help her scale her efforts. See how Jones made her business social and built a passionate community around her company.

Cy Jervis Offers the SMB Marketers Guide to Google+ Hangouts on Air

Google+ Hangouts are one of the features that make the search giant’s social network unique. Jervis expands on a previous post in which he introduced Google+ Hangouts and offered instructions to help marketers get started. In this post, he explains the benefits and features of Hangouts on Air, with tips and tricks to help marketers record, edit and promote their video chats or tutorials.

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Connie Bensen

Connie Bensen

Global Digital Marketing, Social Media and Community Executive at Dell
Connie Bensen is a leading Community Strategist who has provided resources and mentorship for Community Managers since 2007. Her definition for the Community Manager role is linked from Wikipedia and has been referenced by many organizations. She can be found presenting at leading social media conferences around the world. She has authored a series of ten white papers on the ROI of Social Media.
Connie Bensen
Connie Bensen
Connie Bensen
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