Twitter content planning tips for real-time marketers

Twitter is an invaluable tool for businesses and brands to quickly reach out to existing and potential followers. It allows for information to be shared with the right audience and provides near-instant feedback on user interest and response. This does not involve tedious media planning and large budgets. Mini-campaigns and promotions can be planned, executed, even tweaked in real-time.

Twitter Content Planning Tips

There are a few simple Twitter content planning steps that can help a keen, real-time marketer not only keep abreast of the latest trends, but also provide insights into how Twitter can be used creatively to put a sudden, unexpected opportunity to good use.

Lend An Ear

Staying tuned to what existing and potential consumers are talking about lets brands tailor their offers and make better use of opportunities. It also helps in identifying gaps in the market for effective product development. Furthermore, complaints and critiques can be addressed in real-time.

CoTweet and HootSuite are tools that allow brand managers and marketers to track what users are saying about their brands. The free versions are flexible enough for most marketing needs with the paid-for versions offer more flexibility and better features. Use these to keep an eye on market trends to ensure your marketing tactics produce desired results.

Exclusive Means Interesting

Consumers follow brands for exclusive content or special offers. Advertise special discounts, promotions or last-minute deals for which online advertising would be overkill due to the involved overheads and the time it would take for such a message to reach a sizable chunk of the target audience. Similarly, behind-the-scene peeks, interviews and brand insights are another way of generating and driving user interest.

For example, @SweetWaterSound gives its musician followers, special, Twitter-only discounts and exclusive content such as reviews and gear-tips as well as news about new music gear.

Breaking Ice

Instead of just focusing on your own brand and messages, talk to people about what they are interested in. Shared interests are a sure-fire way of winning more followers. Create content that caters to followers’ interests and passions.

Thinking on The Fly

The real-time nature of Twitter lets marketers plan for different situations and scenarios where they can provide their brand more exposure. By listening in on the conversations surrounding the Oscars, @MiracleWhip came up with this interesting Tweet.

These handy tips are for marketers wishing to use Twitter to promote their brand in real-time and increase brand advocacy. For those wishing to delve deeper, Twitter recommends more advanced tools and strategies on their website.

Is your Twitter content planning strategy taking advantage of the network’s real-time nature? Share your examples with us in the comments below.

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