Twitter tips for real-time social marketers

Twitter is an invaluable tool for marketers to quickly reach existing and potential followers. It allows for information to be shared with the right audience, and provides near-instant feedback on user interest. It doesn’t take tedious media planning or large budgets to leverage the tools on Twitter. Mini-campaigns and promotions can be planned, executed, and altered in real-time.

Here are some simple Twitter tips that keen, real-time marketers can use to follow new trends and take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Twitter Tip #1: Lend an Ear

Monitoring what existing and potential consumers are talking about allows brands to tailor their offers and leverage opportunities. It also helps identify gaps in the market for effective product development. Furthermore, complaints and critiques can be addressed in real-time.

CoTweet and HootSuite are tools that allow brand managers and marketers to track what users are saying about their brands. The free versions are flexible enough for most marketing needs, while the paid versions offer more flexibility and better features. Use these to monitor market trends and ensure your marketing tactics produce desired results.

Twitter Tip #2: Exclusive Means Interesting

Consumers follow brands for exclusive content or special offers. Advertise special discounts, promotions or last-minute deals, behind-the-scenes previews, interviews and brand insights to drive user interest.

For example, @SweetWaterSound gives its musician followers special, Twitter-only discounts and exclusive content – such as reviews, gear-tips, and updates on new music gear.

Twitter tip: SweetWater Sound offers special deals

Twitter Tip #3: Break the Ice

Instead of just focusing on your own brand and messages, talk to people about what interests them. Connecting via shared interests is an effective way of winning more followers. Create content that caters to followers’ interests and passions.

Once you’ve garnered their attention, follow through on the conversation. Respond to follower questions, ask them for insights, and engage with their passions. Followers will feel more attached to the brand if they detect some personality behind it.

Twitter Tip #4: Think on the Fly

The real-time nature of Twitter provides marketers with plans for different situations and scenarios, allowing them to expand the brand’s exposure online. For example, @MiracleWhip crafted this interesting Tweet while following conversations during the Oscars:

Twitter tip: Miracle Whip follows real-time conversation of the Oscars

These handy Twitter tips are for marketers looking to increase brand advocacy and promote their brand in real-time. For those wishing to delve deeper, here’s a case study on using Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts for added exposure. Twitter also recommends more advanced tools and strategies on their website.

Are you taking advantage of Twitter’s real-time nature? Share your examples with us in the comments below.

Connie Bensen

Connie Bensen

Global Digital Marketing, Social Media and Community Executive at Dell
Connie Bensen is a leading Community Strategist who has provided resources and mentorship for Community Managers since 2007. Her definition for the Community Manager role is linked from Wikipedia and has been referenced by many organizations. She can be found presenting at leading social media conferences around the world. She has authored a series of ten white papers on the ROI of Social Media.
Connie Bensen
Connie Bensen
Connie Bensen
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