Unleash the power of Facebook’s promoted posts

Creating engaging content on your Facebook Page ensures that posts become visible to users. Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm determines which posts are displayed on walls, and older posts are less likely to be featured. To overcome this challenge, Facebook has provided numerous paid advertising products, including suggested and promoted posts.

In March 2013, Facebook announced that over 15 million brands are using the social network. With that amount of social noise, investing in advertised content is a good option to make your posts more visible. When used effectively, paid advertising can increase the number of likes on your page and the viewership of your posts.

What Makes a Good Promoted Post?

Status updates, photos, videos and offers can all be promoted, pushing them higher on the walls of your fans and their friends. They are purchased through the Promote button of each individual post, rather than through an advertising tool. The payment setup is straightforward; page owners simply pay a flat amount to reach a specific number of viewers.

Facebook promoted post payment method.Image Courtesy: Facebook

Things to keep in mind when writing a promoted post:

  • Select your audience carefully: Consider who should view the post specifically.
  • Keep your post simple: Long paragraphs of paid content lose the reader’s interest.
  • Focus on images: A picture still speaks a thousand words.

How to Make an Effective Suggested Post

Suggested posts allow businesses to reach out to people who have not yet liked their page. When reaching out to someone who sees a post with no apparent friend referral, be extra careful with the content that you include.

Three things that you want to consider answering:

  • Who the post is coming from: Consider including your logo in an image or text.
  • What you’re promoting: Make sure you’re specific about what you’re offering.
  • Where they should go: Provide a link to your website or your Facebook page.

Ben & Jerry’s Insight to a Successful Facebook Community

Ben & Jerry’s, one of the most popular online ice cream businesses, has a Facebook page boasting over 7 million followers. By using Facebook Page Insights, they discovered that posts about ice cream flavors had the most interaction – so they targeted these posts for promotion. Fans saw the posts as “Sponsored” stories, which is how Facebook displays promoted posts. Ben & Jerry’s Global Digital Marketing Manager Katie O’Brian said they saw $3 incremental sales for every $1 spent on Facebook.

With paid advertising content on social media, businesses need to keep a balanced mix of promotional and non-promotional content. Some Facebook users may be uncomfortable seeing paid content on their news feeds, but Ben & Jerry’s shows that compelling advertising – mixed with two-way communication and social responsibility – can benefit all parties.

Have you had experience with paid advertising on Facebook? Please share your thoughts below!

Cy Jervis

Cy Jervis

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Cy Jervis
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