Upgrade Your Memory: How to Remember Names and Faces

Before I set out on the path that lead to me becoming the U.S. Memory Champion, I U.S. Memory Champion Nelson Delliswas just a regular person with a regular memory. I often forgot names, where I put my keys, and things I said I would do. After learning a few techniques, (essentially had to upgrade my memory) I was able to recall decks of cards, strings of numbers and faces of people I’ve just met.

The achievements of human beings make it pretty clear that the human mind is far more than mushy grey matter. Beyond the physical hardware inside our heads, our mental software is what makes us unique.

We all have similar hardware – our brains are all alike in size and composition. When it comes to memory, the reason some of us are better able to remember things boils down to software, or the tricks we use to remember things.

Today, I am the U.S. Memory Champion and hold the world record as the fastest person to memorize a deck of cards.  And I’ve teamed up with flash memory leader Fusion-io to put together a few videos that share how everyday people can develop extraordinary memory by upgrading their own software. Take a look at the latest video on how to remember names and faces.

Nelson Dellis is a former software engineer who now works with the data-storage and memory company Fusion-io. Apart from winning the 2012 U.S.A. Memory Championship, Dellis is also an experienced mountaineer who has climbed Mt. Everest.

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith

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Nicole Smith
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