Yes to tech: How Dell powers skincare brand Yes To

Ido Leffler

Ido Leffler is co-founder of Yes To beauty products.

“We want to democratize beauty,” says Ido Leffler, co-founder of Yes To beauty products. The international organic skincare brand has achieved widespread acclaim thanks to its sleek and modern packaging, good-for-you ingredients and inspiring company philosophy. Yes To is now the second best-selling natural beauty line in America, bringing to fruition the company mission of making organic beauty more accessible.

Leffler will be the first to tell you that Yes To relies on technology to empower the brand’s ambitions. Ido and co-founder Lance Kalish, equipped with a Dell laptop and a big dream in 2006, built Yes To from the ground up — and as the company expands, the entrepreneurs continue to rely on technology to bring Yes To products to fans around the world. Technology has helped catapult Yes To from a fledgling business to one of the world’s leading skincare lines by facilitating product shipments, growing the brand’s network and communicating with beauty editors.

Tech Page One recently visited the beautiful Yes To headquarters in the SOMA district of San Francisco to chat with Leffler about natural beauty, Yes To products and the ways in which Dell helps power his vision of healthy skincare for all.



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Katie Manderfield
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