YouTube Creator Academy is only 101 – I’ve just completed lessons four through six of the YouTube Creator Academy. The stated mission of the classes is to make me a “more successful creator.” These classes, of course, built on what I learned in lessons one through three. I wrote about my experiences of the first three classes here.

June 16 was the last day to complete the YouTube Creator Academy courses. After going through all of the curriculum, I have a few thoughts to share.

This course would have been amazing to have back when we all started using YouTube and setting up our channels. A lot of the things Google is teaching, I had already learned the hard way through trial and error.

Lesson four takes you through the idea of branding once and having it available on multiple devices with multiple screen sizes. This is definitely helpful if your company has a busy graphic design team, so they can design once and have the channel icon and banner look great on everything from a big screen TV to a phone.

Lesson four begins. Image Credit: Mat Lee

Lesson five is all about tags and organizing content. If you are messy, you will definitely want to go back through and get a little organization in place. Again, this is probably great for people who are new to having a channel presence, but something most of us have already figured out. If you are using YouTube for your business, you’ll want to keep your content organized in sections, allowing followers to more easily find the specific video they are looking for.

Lesson six is the final lesson, which also includes a final assessment. Of course, this being a free class, you can take the assessment over as many times as you need to in order to get a passing grade. This is the lesson that condenses everything you learned in lessons one through three, and ties it together with what you just learned in lessons five and six.

Here is my certificate of completion. I am now ready to get hired by a large company who needs help establishing their YouTube presence.

Certificate of Completion. Image Credit: Mat Lee

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