6 things you didn’t know your tablet could do

Apps range from incredibly useful to impressively useless


The Trapster app aggregates info on police speed traps and other tactics that can result in traffic tickets. Credit: Pictofigo

Pity the person who only uses their tablet for mindless games of Candy Crush or checking work emails from outside the office. Sure, there’s something to be said for taking care of the day’s to-do list with the swipe of a finger, but tablets offer so many prime opportunities to get, well, weird. Whether it’s an outside-the-box app that offers up something useful (avoiding a speeding ticket) or just an unapologetically bizarre one (chatting with a ghost), there is something for everyone — and then some.

Here are some apps that range from incredibly useful to impressively useless, with a few fun stops in the middle.

1. Ghost Radar ClassicScared of things that go bump in the night? Just in time for Halloween, this app scans the energy fields around you, picking up the words being blurted out by your neighbors in the afterlife and speaking them to you to in a creepy effect. The Ghost Radar guys may “offer no guarantees of accuracy,” but, unlike your paranormal targets, the app’s 13,000 five-star ratings in the Android store speak for themselves.

2. Action Movie Creator FXReal life is just so boring. Thankfully, visionary J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, has unleashed this app that lets any user superimpose studio-style special effects on your run-of-the-mill videos. And with FX names like Photon Torpedoes, Car Smash, Robo Attack, Avalanche, Fire Fight, Chopper Down and Alien Burst, you’re about to be dropped into the middle of a Hollywood blockbuster. Hopefully it’s not “John Carter.”

3. SleepCyclesMost people blindly set an alarm only to go trudging through the rest of the day like an extra on The Walking Dead. It doesn’t have to be this way. Just leave your tablet at your bedside and this smart alarm clock will analyze your subtlest sleep movements, waking you up during the lightest sleep phase that falls within a 30-minute window of your wake-up time to leave you as refreshed as possible. The dorkiest can even analyze their sleep statistics. In 2013, counting sheep is for amateurs.

4. RunPeeYou’re halfway through the 134-minute runtime of “Captain Phillips” and three quarters of the way through a 64-ounce Cherry Coke when nature begins to call. But when’s a good time to duck out? The dedicated RunPee team has watched nearly every movie imaginable to pick out those 3-5 minute spans without crucial plot twists or action scenes, ensuring you only miss the dullest moments. Cross-referenced with scores from Rotten Tomatoes and details from IMDB, this tongue-in-cheek movie app may be the most useful on the market.

5. Trapster“The easiest way to fight a speeding ticket is…not to get one in the first place.” The folks at Trapster couldn’t be more right, and now nearly 20.5 million drivers have turned to this app to be warned of red-light cameras and known enforcement points. And all the info is coming straight from the source: ticked off, ticketed drivers who’ve been foiled by speed traps and other police tactics. They now want to save you the same hassle. Apparently, revenge is a dish best served on a tablet.

6. Easy Metal DetectorIf loose nickels and dimes hiding beneath the cushions of your couch is your idea of hidden treasure, Easy Metal Detector is your ticket to a payday. It uses the admittedly not-so-strong magnetometer already built into your tablet to find ferrous metals. Priced at just 99 cents, this app will pay for itself in a matter of months. Hopefully.

These apps and others, including games like Candy Crush, are available for download through the Windows Store and Google Play — two places that can truly enhance Dell’s new line of Venue tablets, available in Windows 8.1 and Android. Visit Dell.com/tablets for details.

Nick Clunn
Nick Clunn is a journalist covering the tech beat and an adjunct professor at Montclair State University. He lives in New Jersey, where he had worked as a staff writer for several leading daily newspapers and websites.
Nick Clunn
Nick Clunn
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    Why, pray tell, would one be running a tablet during a movie? [RunPee] I think one’s fellow movie goers might get a bit testy over this. At home, one can just re-run a film portion on a DVD, hit pause or the back button on the DVR or turn the volume up loud while you run into the lav if don’t have features.

  • Marly Duran

    The SleepCycles app sounds interesting. I’m willing to look into anything that will make me feel less tired or grumpy. Of course on the low-tech end, more sleep might do the trick.

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      It’s all right, but it kills your battery.

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        I’d just keep it plugged in at night so the battery won’t be drained.

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    Your latitude tablets are garbage. I feel so ripped-off. How about a USERS guide for the darn thing, HUH??!

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      A tablet is a device my brother showed me in about 1990, with a reflective monochrome screen and built-in oggice apps, and Apple claimed to have invented many years later

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    Let me get this straight, in the RunPee app they say “dedicated RunPee team” has seen nearly every movie . . . and they must be viewing the new ones as well to keep their app up to date. This tells me there are a bunch of fairly intelligent people, since they can code an app, watching movies and keeping notes as to which is the best times to get away. THAT is a huge investment of time, especially for a free app that has to rely on adds for income. I wonder if they get free admission? How many do you think compose this RunPee team? Do they do indies as well as the big house productions? -I gotta take a break from commenting as I need to go run and – damn! I just got a brilliant idea for an app.

    • joe

      it is 99 cents not free

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    Trapster … so, now Dell is advertising an app that helps people break the law without getting caught?

    Sorry, you just lost a customer.

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        Dell sux

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      This is not against the law.

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      It prevents law enforcement agencies from breaking the law.

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      guess you don’t want people to flash their lights either

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      GPS units have been doing it for years. I have a Garmin and a Tom Tom and they both have that feature.

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    Tablets suck.

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    The total list is impressively useless.

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    Not only is this an ad, it’s an ad for Windows Phone apps. Who has a Windows Phone?

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  • Blaidd Gwyn

    Instead of “Trapster”, I highly recommend Waze. It is a social GPS, it does the same thing as Trapster, but also people can report actual important stuff, like accidents or construction blocking a route, heavy traffic, etc, and Waze will reroute around it, saving time and money. (android and iphone app… not sure if it’s available on windows phone, but it should be.)

  • Brandy Keippala

    I like both RunPee and Sleep Cycles. I don’t like the others. RunPee is really good for people with kiddo’s, you can read about good times to “go” before you start the movie. You then get a vibration alert and a synopsis of what you missed. SleepCycles might be a hoax, but it works for me. I like that it tries not to wake you when you’re in a supposed “deep sleep”



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    I actually thought I was going to see something interesting that tablets could do, not just drivel about some pretty worthless apps.

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    re: easy metal detector locates ferrous metals, US coins are all non ferrous metals.

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    Things you dont know your tablet can do, if you buy a useless app.

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    uh nickles and dimes are not ferrous so number 6 seems like you need to do some fact checking

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      The app is only good for finding WW II-era steel pennies.

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    I found it to be a good article, everyone isn’t tech savvy, my sister just got her first smart phone. People like that would appreciate this info.

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    The metal detector thing won’t work with loose dimes and nickels. It is a ferrous metal only deal. There’s no iron in coins. Yet.

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    but coins are non-ferrous….

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    This article lost all credibility as soon as I read “ghost radar scanner”, entry #1. I stopped reading after that.

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