New Year’s Resolutions: You and Your Tech – It’s that fruitless time again. You know. Time to make resolutions and break them. Or is that just me? just turned up with a survey and an infographic on exactly that question.

Scroll below the fold to see how folks said their 2012 resolutions turned out and what they’re changing, if anything, for 2013.

But first, do yourself a favor and make some tech resolutions. It is officially time for your or someone you know to back up. You tell your people to do this — you probably automate it in part for them — but is your own personal data synced up with a reliable cloud service?

FranklinCovey New Years Resolution Survey - Infographic

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If not, drop everything and do something about this now. Carbonite is another favorite option of mine if you choose not to go with the mobile provider’s cloud service in the big three.

Second, if you haven’t yet, create a serious inventory of your company’s hardware and software — and add to it the consumer and software inventory your users have brought in. Survey them if you have to. Bribe them. Do what it takes. You have to know what you’re dealing with out there before your data walks away the next time an employee does. Admitting a problem, as twelve steppers say, is the first step toward its solution.

Third, resolve to stop using your email box like a filing cabinet. Or, if that’s not you, get your users to stop doing it. Get them to use a freeware tool — I love voidTools Everything. It indexes everything across files and lets you find everything on your devices just by typing in a few words. That freeware rocks.

Based in San Francisco, Gina Smith is The New York Times best-selling co-author of Steve Wozniak’s biography, iWoz: How I Invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Doing It (W.W. Norton 2005) and an award-winning tech reporter. With John C. Dvorak, she’s editorial director of, the geek site that provides a news and analysis feed for the site you’re reading now. Email her at [email protected], follow her @ginasmith888 and check out her +Google stream here.

Gina Smith

Gina Smith

Editorial Director at
Gina Smith is the NYT best-selling author of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s memoir, "iWOZ: How I Invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Doing It." She is editorial director at Reach her at [email protected], Google + or @ginasmith888.
Gina Smith
Gina Smith
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