Freeware Pick: Alarm Clock Xtreme Free for Android — One of the features missing from most Android phones is a quality alarm clock. True, the integrated app has the basic features, but I’ve always had issues with remembering to turn the volume up enough to have it wake me. And then I have to set it to airplane mode so I’m not subjected to notification noises all night long. That’s just one of the features I like about Alarm Clock Xtreme Free by Angle Labs – I can force the app to use its own volume settings, ignoring those of the phone.

Read on, because there’s more to like about today’s Freeware Friday pick.

If you’re one of those people who can justify hitting the snooze bar 17 times, you might like Alarm Clock Xtreme Free’s options for how to hit that snooze button. From pressing various button combinations to shaking the phone, this app gets it right. There’s an even an option to solve a math problem in order to shut it off, guaranteeing your wakefulness.  You can even disable the option for snooze or have the snooze time reduced with every press. This app was clearly written by someone who has fallen victim to the snooze bar!

Alarm Clock Xtreme

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You can wake up to an alarm with gradually increasing volume, as with Android’s integrated alarm clock. Here, though, you can control how quickly the volume rises to the maximum, from 60 seconds to 30 minutes, with many options in between. You can also set a timer with this program. I love power naps, and this app lets me zonk out in the car for 20 minutes between meetings.

There is a paid version of the app, Alarm Clock Xtreme, but it simply removes the ads. It should work on any phone or version of Android. For those of you who love the 24-hour time format, this app supports that. Is there a better alarm clock app for Android? If there is, I’d love to know about it. Tell me what you think of this or any other alarm clock app in the comments below.

Download Alarm Clock Xtreme Free from Google Play.

Based in Vermont, Jeremy Lesniak is managing editor at and founder of Vermont Computing, Inc. Follow him @jlesniak or email him [email protected]

Jeremy Lesniak
Based in Vermont, Jeremy Lesniak is managing editor at and founder of Vermont Computing, Inc. and Email him [email protected]
Jeremy Lesniak
Jeremy Lesniak
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