My favorite Nexus 7 tips & tricks part 2 – Thin and light, the Nexus 7 is Google’s reference tablet for the mobile crowd.  Starting at $199, it remains one of the best values in tech.  If you followed our earlier tips and tricks, you are starting to get the most from your device.  Check out this installment to really shift into power user mode.


Nexus 7 Tips and Tricks Part 2

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As you add apps, you may collect several photo editing apps, or a group of bookmarks for a post you are planning.  Just hold and drag any of the icons onto another and both icons will now appear in a folder.  Next, name the folder and add more apps to it and you are on the way to taming your screen.


Widgets are simple programs or tools which expose information on your screen.  Find them in the widgets section of the app drawer.  Press and hold to move a widget to one of your screens.  You’ll also find that you can move and resize widgets by long-pressing.  Your tablet comes with a Google widget installed, but there are plenty more to fit many different needs.  For example, move the power control widget on your homescreen to quickly adjust brightness, turn on WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and sync.  In the Play store you’ll also find a nifty battery widget to keep battery information front and center.


Whether you have the 16 Gig or the 32 Gig model Nexus, you’ll want to keep an eye on your use of storage. Find the information you need under Settings > Storage.  For a recap of RAM usage, try Settings > Storage > Apps > Running.

Guest Profile

Just the thing when another family member wants to play with your Nexus, but you don’t want them updating your account information.  Set up a new user at Settings > Device > Users.  Just tap ‘Add User’ and then ‘OK’.  For a guest account, tap ‘Not now’ when asked for the user’s name.

Lost and Found

Add a message like “If found, please return to <name>, <address>, <phone>” under Settings > Security > Owner Info.  That message will then appear on your lock screen.

App Power: eBook Reading

Your Nexus comes with the Play Books app, but it lacks many capabilities you may want.  Check out alternatives like Aldiko, Mantano, Kindle, Nook, OverDrive and Cool Reader.  One or more of these is bound to earn a place on your tablet.


Printing from your tablet just got a whole lot easier.  Download and install the free Cloud Print app from the Google Play store to your Nexus and follow the easy to use setup directions and you are good to print from anywhere you have a connection.

Photo Editing

The Gallery app is also a full featured photo editor, be sure to learn its features.  For even more photo editing options, try the versatile and powerful Pilxr Express from Autodesk.

These are only a few more of the many tips and tricks you’ll want to master as a Nexus 7 tablet owner.  Explore all you can do with this amazing device that fits right in your pocket.

Mike Rothman
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Mike Rothman
Mike Rothman
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