Tech Toy Pick: Night Vision Goggles for Kids – Night vision technology has been around for decades, but it’s always seemed the realm of international spies or those with tinfoil hats with money to burn. I’ve been interested in night vision technology for some time, but the cost of the devices have always been prohibitive. A couple of years ago I noticed the prices coming down on some low-quality devices marketed towards children. Those units were plagued with problems and I wouldn’t have recommended them.

This holiday season is different.

If you’ve ever used night vision goggles, you know that the promise of perfect vision in the dark is a bit out of reach. These devices don’t actually allow you to see in the dark – they harness the small amount of light that exists and then concentrate it, allowing you to see better than you would without the assistance. This technology is old, dating before WWII and was heavily used during the US-Vietnam war.



Today, night vision goggles are available in all price points – from under $50 to $5000 or more. Of course, the technologies and qualities vary greatly with price.

The inexpensive units, as surprised as you may be, work well for children. Reviews across the web consistently show that while most adults find them to be flimsy and of questionable quality, the kids that receive the toys are thrilled with them.

To spend $50 and get functioning night-vision goggles is mind-blowing. “Despite being a toy for youngsters, they work great and are quite fun to use at night.” says Laerkin in an Amazon review for the Spy Net Recording Goggles with Night Vision. This captures the sentiment of most of the reviews I found.

If you have a child on your list and no idea what to buy for them, night vision goggles may be a good choice. I’d suggest these items for children 8-12, though there are sure to be exceptions to that range.

I can’t imagine a child who wouldn’t be thrilled receiving night vision goggles as a gift. I wanted one when I was eight.

Just make sure you get a turn once in awhile.

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Based in Vermont, Jeremy Lesniak is Managing Editor at and founder of Vermont Computing, Inc. Follow him @jlesniak or email him [email protected].

Jeremy Lesniak
Based in Vermont, Jeremy Lesniak is managing editor at and founder of Vermont Computing, Inc. and Email him [email protected]
Jeremy Lesniak
Jeremy Lesniak
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