Radiant Defense: fun in neon

aNewDomain.net — When you want to relax after work, why not turn to a good game for a little diversion? How about something colorful, creative, and challenging like Radiant Defense by Hexage?

A tower defense game

Radiant Defense

Image Credits: Sandy Berger


Image credit: Sandy Berger

If you are familiar with tower defense games, Radiant Defense has a comfortable feel. The goal of tower defense games is simple: stop enemies by slowing them down and shooting at them from towers as they pass. In Radiant Defense, neon-colored aliens of various type, shapes, and sizes are on the attack. You have to stop them before they reach the spiral because each alien that hits the spiral burns and if the spiral burns out there is no way to keep the vortex closed.

Game Play

Radiant Defense has many different type of neon-colored aliens including armored aliens, regenerating aliens, energy-resistant aliens and even anti-kinetic force shields that can be wrapped around aliens. Each of these species have certain susceptibilities, which you have to determine so you can use the proper weapons. Of course, there are many different types of weapons, as well.

Image credit: Sandy Berger

Game play progresses as you fend off the brightly-colored waves of invaders by building defenses and devising strategies. The visuals are great and the game is ad-free. The excellent signature soundtrack by Kubatko adds to your enjoyment of the game. The game is also mildly funny. New concepts and items are presented onscreen intermixed with humorous conversations between the two main characters, Doc and the Commander.


The only problem is that the game is supported by in-app purchases and as you reach higher levels, it gets harder and harder to make progress without any purchases.

A Challenge

If you are new to this type of game, I can assure you that you will be lost when you first try it. Be sure to look for help if you need it. The Strategy Guide by the developer is a good place to go for game explanations and tips.

Then, when you figure it out, the game gets pretty easy. Hold on to your horses though, it becomes challenging again very quickly when you are presented with a myriad of weapons, most of which you will need quite quickly. Even veterans of tower defense games might find this a bit overwhelming, but it is all part of the challenge. Radiant Defense game is quite addictive and you can easily become completely immersed in this bright neon-hued alien universe.

This app is free, but you’ll be tempted to make in-app purchases. It is available for the Windows 8, Windows Phone, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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