Groovebook: A photobook in an app – Smartphone cameras are getting a lot better – and consumers are using them more and more. Both my iPhone and my Android phone have 8-megapixel cameras that take excellent pictures, which means that I am constantly snapping photos.

Groovebook – the app that lets you create photobooks from your smartphone.

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I am a big fan of digital photos, but you can’t put them on the refrigerator, hand them to Grandma or hang them on the wall. Most of the time, these precious memories simply linger on my phone without getting the admiration they deserve. Groovebook is an app that helps you get those photos out of your phone and sent out for printing in one step.

You simply install the app on your Apple or Android device and sign up with your email address, mailing address and credit card number. Then use the app to choose the photos you want to print.  When you have chosen 100 photos, just tap to upload. Groovebook will create your book and mail it to you.

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Choosing the photos is easy. Press on a photo to add or remove it from the list. A green checkmark means that it is chosen. A red x means it will not be printed.  You can upload the pictures in small batches if you like. If you have already uploaded the picture, there will be an “uploaded” banner across the image. There is also an Advanced Photo Selection Mode that lets you print up to 10 copies of each photo.

When you have uploaded 100 photos, your book will automatically be closed out. Within two weeks, you will receive your first Groovebook. The app is free. The book is $2.99 a month (for shipping). This is on a subscription basis, so you will be able to upload up to 100 photos each month to create a new book. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you don’t unsubscribe and don’t upload photos, you will still be charged the $2.99. However, Groovebook will send you a reminder so that you remember to upload all of your new photos.

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Although it promised the book would arrive within two weeks, I got my first book in just a few days. The Groove book is very nicely constructed. Its 4 x 6-inch glossy photos look professionally printed. The pages are perforated so you can easily remove them from the book. One great feature is that in the margin, each photo is time- and date-stamped. No more wondering just when that picture was taken. Digital photos are great, but there are times when you want a traditional, printed picture you can hold in your hand. Groovebook is not only a convenient printing option, but an affordable way to purchase excellent prints at a great price.

While the ability to print from a mobile device is great, I wish that Groovebook would create an app that lets you add pictures directly from a PC or Mac, as well.

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Sandy Berger
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Sandy Berger
Sandy Berger
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