2013 Mobile Predictions

If you are reading this story, you’ve probably reached for your smartphone at least once. If you didn’t, then you have successfully tuned out distractions as it’s highly unlikely you are in the 10% of people who don’t own a cell phone. According to a Pew Research Center Study completed in June 2012, almost 90% of adults in the U.S own a cell phone.

So what are mobile experts saying about the industry?

It’s simple: Mobile will get bigger, more complex and advanced in 2013.

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Mobile enthusiasts gathered to hear from VCs and mobile industry leaders on the trends and predictions for 2013 at Mobile Monday’s Silicon Valley chapter monthly meeting in San Francisco.

Predictions ranged from seeing mobile entrepreneurs focusing on hardware and the blurring of the line between companies that are “mobile” and “not-mobile” in 2013. Privacy, social commerce and gaming are also expected to see change and high growth this year.

Some interesting mobile trends in 2012 that will impact 2013:


A popular Silicon Valley trend: large companies purchasing small companies for its engineering teams rather than its products.  Yahoo!’s purchase of Stamped  and OnTheAir  is one such example. Another possible and rumored acquisition in 2013 was ignited by Facebook’s interest in WhatsApp, a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.

HTML5 vs. Native iOS

HTML5 lets developers build rich web-based apps that run on any device via a standard web browser and between Native Apps for the iOS platform. Mozilla has embraced the HTML5 platform, opening the possibilities. “Business Insider” ran a robust discussion of the HTMLV vs. Native iOS debate.


It is now easier to raise funds than ever with crowdfunding.  Investors will find more competition in this democratized platform for raising money. Sites such as Kickstarter are crowded with very sophisticated fundraisers that compete with professional videos and photography and a social media strategy in place.

Vertical Sectors

There is tremendous competition in mobile apps and will continue. Vertical sectors have seen a lot of activity such as Cherry Carwashes and Uber in transportation, Task Rabbit in household tasks with and AirBnB in lodging and accommodations.

 2013 Predictions

What’s in store for 2013?

  • Internet hardware will be key
  • Entrepreneurs may see less taxes
  • A killer app or trend will emerge
  • Privacy regulations will tighten
  • Social commerce will grow
  • Sales for Firefox phones will reach 1 million units sold
  • The distinction between mobile and not mobile companies will disappear
  • Facebook will figure out mobile

Mobile Monday meets every month worldwide and has been since 2000.

See the recap of the entire event here.

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