A solution for retail enterprises: PowerEdge VRTX

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Retailer enterprises are continually looking for ways to better understand and engage their customers by enhancing the in-store experience for today’s Connected Consumer. Delighting customers relies on in-store IT platforms, retail enterprise software and servers working powerfully, reliably, and securely — for digital signage and kiosks for engagement; in-store wireless for mobile connectivity; interactions with mobile-enabled store specialists; and efficient checkout at point-of-sale systems. At a recent retail customer roundtable, I had the opportunity to listen to a few retail CIOs share their specific challenges around store IT infrastructure and the need to reduce complexity. They echoed some of the key themes we have heard from retailers across all verticals.

  • Flexible store platform that allows IT to quickly respond to business needs
  • Shortage of expertise to manage and support IT at multiple store locations
  • Lack of space in the stores to house the growing collection of IT equipment
  • Affordable IT solutions in the face of shrinking IT budgets
  • Computing power that can grow with increasing demand as needed

Now, we’ve found an innovative way to address all of these issues with a simple and powerful solution suited perfectly for retail environments – the Dell PowerEdge VRTX powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. The infographic below provides a view into how this solution addresses technology issues in the retail industry. VRTX Village Retail VRTX enables retailers to reduce the jumble of cables, disparate technologies and the complicated management of IT systems. VRTX is designed for retailers in a space saving size optimized for use in stores without special power or cooling requirements. It is easy to deploy and maintain, affordable, provides high performance computing, is virtualization-ready and offers a geographic location view of systems in your various store locations for a rapid, at-a-glance identification and health status — from your headquarters. VRTX is a simple and powerful solution to securely run your retail store’s IT involving point-of-sale, kiosks, digital signage or day-to day store operations. Are you a retailer? Comment here and let us know how our retail solutions could help you.

Mike Adams
Mike Adams is a lead for the Retail Industry Practice at Dell and has worked in the retail industry for over 15 years.
Mike Adams
Mike Adams
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