BYOD: Seven Ways to Feed the Beast

BYOD is made for You and Me

Smartphones and tablets were made for us ― not for business. They aren’t wired to play nicely with IT. That said, they do come in pretty handy at work. So handy, that businesses everywhere are trying to figure out how to integrate the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend into their enterprise computing strategies.

A Beast with Two Heads?

Not an easy task. BYOD is a like two-headed beast ― at war with itself. And you have to feed both heads at once to make it work. You have to satisfy user expectations for anywhere, anytime access to corporate resources. And at the same time, you have to put safeguards around user access to protect your property, and keep it secure.

Fence your assets, not your users

Use the following recipe to create a BYOD strategy that satisfies even a two-headed beast:

  1. Free your users to choose where and when to work, but keep their data in a data center with desktop virtualization.
  2. Gate your network with a dedicated solution, such as SonicWALL.
  3. Cover your corporate resources with multiple layers of encryption.
  4. Build an application stack that aligns with your business and information management goals.
  5. Guard all of your data ― applications and files ― with password protection.
  6. Make sure you know who, when and why for every access request.
  7. Put a data-wipe process in place to delete corporate data from lost or stolen devices.


For more about BYOD — and why it’s here to stay – check out BYOD:  A Love Story.


Ann Newman

Ann Newman

Dell Contributor at Tech Page One
Ann Newman lives in Austin and blogs for BYOD, virtualization, Windows 8, storage and mobility on She has no pets. You can contact her at [email protected]
Ann Newman
Ann Newman
Ann Newman
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