BeyondPod for Android: Podcast Nirvana – We all know how great podcasts are. From entertainment to education, podcasts fill a need that no other form of media does. I’ve listened to podcasts for years, mostly when I drive. I can stay up on tech-industry news and listen to some enjoyable shows. To avoid fiddling with my phone while I drive, I have recently settled on BeyondPod as my podcast management tool.

Unlike other podcast managers I’ve used, BeyondPod is customizable. You can enable rules for nearly any event. After a podcast episode is done playing, do you want it automatically removed from your playlist? BeyondPod can do that. How about automatically deleting it from your device? Sure, BeyondPod does that, too. I’ve also found it to be the most reliable podcast manager for automatically downloading new episodes.

Some other features that I like are: the ability to suppress display of episodes you’ve listened to, custom categories to sort your podcasts into (and the ability to set some options on a per-category basis), integrated sharing and easy playlist manipulation.

This Android-only app can also stream episodes, saving some space on your device. The latest version has native Jelly Bean support but can also run on devices that are not so current – all the way back to Android 2.2.

The app comes first as a 7-day trial with access to all the features. After that, you’re expected to purchase an unlock key (link: for $6.99.

While some may take issue with paying for apps, especially when free software dominates the podcast landscape, BeyondPod proves that it’s the best of the bunch — at least of all the podcast managers I’ve used. It’s well worth the money.

Based in Vermont, Jeremy Lesniak is managing editor at and founder of Vermont Computing, Inc. Follow him @jlesniak or email him [email protected]

Jeremy Lesniak
Based in Vermont, Jeremy Lesniak is managing editor at and founder of Vermont Computing, Inc. and Email him [email protected]
Jeremy Lesniak
Jeremy Lesniak
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