Stay Out of Mail Jail With These Email Management Tips

Has this happened to you? People keep sending you giant PowerPoint or TIFF files, and you’re so busy that you’ve been ignoring those nagging reminders that your mailbox is almost full. Before you know it you’re in dreaded “mail jail” and can neither send or receive email. What can be done?

Outlook Email Management Tips for Employees
The ideal best practice, of course, is to manage your email daily so it doesn’t pile up, and download large files to My Documents soon as your receive them. If you’re one of those admirable Inbox Zero people — just keep doing what you’re doing! You’re probably not reading this blog, however. And of course, regular archiving into .PST files will take care of the problem. But you probably knew that too. Beyond that —

  • Remember that Sent emails count, too. I often forget this — forwarding a huge file takes up just as much mailbox room as receiving it. Also, be sure to empty your Deleted Files folder once you’ve zapped the largest offenders.
  • Use SharePoint instead of email. With so many companies using SharePoint as a collaboration tool, there’s no excuse for sending huge files via email. Additionally, updates can be made on the server instead of in endless individual draft versions. If you’ve got access to SharePoint, use it!
  • Emergency measure: IM the file. If you’re in a bind and your company uses Microsoft Lync or another internal IM application, you may be able to attach a file directly to an IM. This has saved me a time or two.
  • Seriously, look into Inbox Zero. Like any other habit, this can be learned. Five minutes per day deleting all those emails you know you’ll never need again can work wonders.

Email Management Strategies for Managers and IT
How can managers and IT work together to make sure that users have a reasonable amount of mailbox space and IT meets its mandate for compliance and records retention? Managers can encourage the use of SharePoint, make sure employees understand archive policies and work with IT to determine workable inbox limits.

IT staff may not have a lot of sympathy for people who can’t manage their inboxes — but when a growing percentage of users are consistently maxing out their capacity, it’s a sign that you’ve outgrown your existing solution. Dell has worked with companies around the globe to help them manage their growing email traffic:

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