Dell motto: Beautifully designed, expertly crafted

How a key feels when it’s pressed and what sound a screen makes when it clicks into place — these are the kinds of details that Dell considers everyday.

It’s part of the work that flows from the Dell Design Lab, which relies on in-house experts and customer feedback to produce cutting-edge products like the XPS 12 and Alienware gaming computers.

Tech Page One recently visited the lab at Dell headquarters in Round Rock, Texas to ask designers and usability engineers about creating new customer experiences.

It’s our third and final installment in a video series that is going behind the scenes at Dell to explore how its employees are meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers.

We kicked off the series at the Social Media Command Center, introducing viewers to team members who reply directly to online commenters across all platforms — both the ranters and the ravers.

The Americas Global Command Center, an all-hours operation that prevents disruptive world events from affecting customer support, was highlighted last week.


Nick Clunn is an award-winning journalist who has worked for several websites and daily newspapers, including The Record in New Jersey. He teaches journalism as an adjunct instructor at Montclair State University. Follow him @NickClunn.

Nick Clunn
Nick Clunn is a journalist covering the tech beat and an adjunct professor at Montclair State University. He lives in New Jersey, where he had worked as a staff writer for several leading daily newspapers and websites.
Nick Clunn
Nick Clunn
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