Dell PowerEdge VRTX: A 5-star way to simplify IT [Video]

Quick, solve this IT riddle: What has five stars, but isn’t a military officer; has the capacity of a data center, but fits in a box the size of a tower server? Stumped? Here’s the answer: The Dell PowerEdge VRTX.

This latest item in Dell’s IT portfolio integrates servers, storage, networking and management into one small, manageable package. Indicative of the early response to VRTX, it just got awarded five out of five stars — and the IT Pro Innovation award  — by IT Pro, UK. Jolly good indeed.

Major plusses for SMBs, remote offices

Dell found a way to pack the essential components of IT (servers, storage, networking, management) into an extraordinarily small space with capacity and scalability like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s uncommonly quiet, and can run on 110v power, so it’s well-mannered in the office with no extra rewiring, cooling or sound insulation required. But VRTX can also run on 220v power and fits in a tower or a 5U rack, so it’s a great option for the data center as well. And its intuitive unified management gives you easy control over all elements, locally and remotely.

“SMBs and remote offices looking to consolidate IT services on a single hardware platform should consider Dell’s new PowerEdge VRTX,” IT Pro, UK, advised.

“It’s far more affordable than a blade server and its unique storage and PCI-e shared architecture makes it very versatile.”

Customer-driven design

VRTX came about when Dell and its and customers collaborated to address an unmet need. Dell sales reps had noticed a huge number of businesses struggling to make ends meet in IT with patchworks of components, tangles of cables, and nightmarish conglomerations of management tools. Customers had too, so they all talked – a lot. And with that excellent input and great innovation from Dell engineers, VRTX was born.

What’s the upshot of it all? If you manage IT for a small/medium sized organization or remote office — or if you like congruent, efficient simplicity in your large data center — you might want to take note: VRTX can vastly improve your IT landscape; IT Pro, UK is already a fan; and Dell’s the only place you’ll find it.

To learn more about VRTX, you can visit Dell’s Shared Infrastructure site. Also, you can follow the VRTX story on Direct to Dell and Inside Enterprise IT:

Beverly Palm

Beverly Palm

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Beverly Palm
Beverly Palm
Beverly Palm
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