Disable unnecessary Windows 8.1 startup programs

Windows 8.1 starts up much faster than any previous Windows versions. But over time, after installing additional programs and apps, you’ll notice it takes longer for Windows to start up. If you want to shave a few seconds off the startup time, disable startup programs.

Win 8.1 app installation

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This is a tip that can used for any version of Windows and has long been used to decrease boot time. But Windows 8.1 has an improved Task Manager that shows you the impact each app has on startup. To access it from the desktop, right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.

Windows 8.1 Task Manager

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Or hit Windows Key + W to bring up the Settings search field and type:task manager.

Windows 8.1 search task manager

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The Startup tab in Windows 8 has been improved with features to help you decide which programs to disable. It displays the impact a program has on startup and labels it as low, medium, high, and none. Just right-click a program in the list and select Disable.

Also, if you’re not sure about what a program is, you can search for it online or open the file location.


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I recommend only having the apps selected to startup that you want to use right away, and definitely disable the ones that have a high impact on start times – sans your security software.

In fact, I get this question a lot: “Which programs do I need to run during startup?” The short answer is none!

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