How to disable the Windows 8.1 lock screen

The lock screen in Windows 8.1 has a lot more features than in the previous version — for instance, creating a lock screen photo slideshow. But If you want a faster way to get into the system when logging in, one option is to disable the Lock Screen.

Note: This tweak requires you to make a change in Local Group Policy Editor which is only available in the Pro version of Windows 8.1.

First hit Windows Key + R to bring up the Run dialog and type: gpedit.msc

Image credit: Brian Burgess

Image credit: Brian Burgess

Next, navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization. Then in the left panel under Setting, double click on Do not display the lock screen.


Image credit: Brian Burgess

Change it from Not Configured to Enabled. Click OK to save the setting.


Image credit: Brian Burgess

Next time you restart your computer or device, you won’t see the lock screen — just the login screen. Disabling the lock screen only saves you a click or flick of the screen, but if you don’t use it, and time is essential, disabling it is easy.

Brian Burgess
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Brian Burgess
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  • gtodon

    Doesn’t work for me. Running “gpedit.msc” yields the message “Windows cannot find ‘gpedit.msc.’” My guess is that I have a more recent edition of Win 8.1. I’ve searched my PC for “group policy,” “lock screen,” etc., and found nothing. Any other ideas?

    • Ugh. You have to be using Windows 8/8.1 pro to use the Group Policy Editor. :/

  • gtodon

    This doesn’t work for me. When I run gpedit.msc, I get a box that says, “Windows cannot find ‘gpedit.msc.’” Would this be because I have a different version of Windows 8.1? Do you have any other ideas on how I can get rid of the lock screen?

    • Brian Burgess

      You need to be running the Pro version of Windows 8.1

  • Laura McDonnell

    Is there ANY other way to disable this without Windows 8 pro?

  • BUZ

    Got Win 8.1 Pro x64 did the suggested settings still get lock screen when monitor turns off.Screen turn off @ 15min in power settings, when screen turns back on (mouse activated/KB activated) i still get lock screen.

  • PL


  • Andrew K

    You can do it by going to the control panel/power options/system settings and turning it off there as an admin.