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There is no real privacy online. There can’t be because of how the Internet works. You only have control over your computer, and even that is questionable when you connect to your wireless network. So what can you do? Encapsulate your data with cryptographically sound implementations of solid cyphers in hopefully easy to use open source programs.

Why open source? If the community can’t look at the source code line by line to verify it’s free of backdoors and implementation bugs, it isn’t necessarily secure. Granted most end users can’t comb through code or even understand the cryptographic algorithms at work, but they can depend on the community to do that for them, and do it well they do.

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I’m generally more of a skeptic when it comes to tin foil hat type conspiracies, but it’s actually starting to happen. The public at large is waking up and realizing that everything they have been doing using consumer and enterprise technology has been getting siphoned up in the form of the great fiber tap from multiple sources, from marketers to the government.

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So what can we do? Just give up and live an internet free life up in the Bob Marshall wilderness? We have an intrinsic need to rely on powerful apps from great developers like Open Whisper Systems that create free open source tools to protect the data as much as possible, TextSecure is one of those tools you should be using if you have an Android phone.

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TextSecure is an Android app by Open Whisper Systems that offers both wire and local encryption, meaning it will encrypt all text messages on the device, and, when used with another TextSecure user, the wire the messages are sent through. So if I am texting with another TextSecure user, either of us may initiate a secure session, and once the key exchange happens, all messages will be encrypted in transit and decrypted on the recipient’s device.

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If your company users on Android, TextSecure is another layer to protect your communications between employees. If your employees lose their device, as long as they were using TextSecure, all of the messages would be encrypted and safe.

For more on how and why encryption works, check out this great article on PressFreedomFoundation.org

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