Help Desk Is IT’s Secret Weapon

IT isn’t yet in existential crisis mode, but it’s close. More enterprises are shopping out IT services to outside vendors. That’s work IT used to do in house.

True, it kindles the dead-wrong perception that an enterprise could or would ever manage without an IT department — or even with just a minimal crew serving just as a liaison between vendors and users. Theoretically, a business could outsource just about everything: servers, storage, backup, the desktop, applications help desk and even support. Wouldn’t that save the enterprise money?

Yes, at first. But it would be a terrible outcome for IT and the customers and the enterprise. Without IT, a business has no technological rudder. Departments go aimless and cost-heavy. Just for starters, an IT-lite business risks IT-armed competitors surpassing it. And they will only grow faster as their tech advantage grows, too, which in turn arms them with better PR, internal collaboration, security and tools for managing the great wave of consumerization in enterprise today.

This is the time for IT to assume a transformative role. Enterprise needs IT’s internal perspective and guiding eye more than ever. It isn’t about about keeping the lights on. Smart IT pros can make IT integral and fundamental to managing security and economic issues as consumers transform the workplace with consumer tech. They’ll save IT doing it, too.

It’s about trust. The CEO needs reminding, maybe. But IT’s ultimate fiduciary responsibility and loyalty is to its own core business. Remind your execs that contractors have their own loyalties, and theirs aren’t yours.

Make sure your executive team knows what inside IT contributes to the bottom line.

It’s true IT looks like a dictator to a lot of users. That doesn’t help its case for survival. IT is the department that always has to say no. Or so it used to be. And someone has to secure corporate data. Security is non-negotiable. The real issue are the inside insights having a robust IT department can bring.

Embrace consumerization. It’s more than a slogan. It means IT actively listens to the customer base and evaluates needs. It proactively introduce forward-thinking tech solution. And user experience is everything. As technology steward for the individual user and the enterprise at large, IT’s role is pivotal. And it’s irreplaceable.

Dino Londis
Based in New York, Dino Londis is an IT veteran, an alum of The National Lampoon and a senior technologist at Contact him at [email protected]
Dino Londis
Dino Londis
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