Here’s how to solve Windows App Store problems

The Windows App Store is a great idea, but sometimes it goes awry and you cannot access the store or you may have a problem installing, opening, and/or updating apps.

In the case of individual apps, the Windows Store will automatically notify you if there’s a problem with an app and try to fix the problem. If, however, that doesn’t work or you have a problem accessing the store or a problem with more than one app, you will have to do your own trouble-shooting.

Checklist for Windows Store problems

There are several things to check to begin your trouble-shooting.

  1. You must be logged to your Microsoft account to access the Store. This cannot be done from a local account.
  2. You screen resolution must be at least 1024 X 768.
  3. You must be connected to the Internet.
  4. The User Account Control (UAC) must be enabled.
  5. Windows 8 must be activated.

Microsoft tools

Microsoft has anticipated Store problems and has provided several tools that you can use to get things working again.

There are two likely problems for trouble with apps.

  • A corrupted Store cache
  • A broken or disabled Windows Update

windows repairA corrupted Store cache can be cleaned by pressing Win+R and typing in wsreset and Enter. If Windows update is broken, launch the Control Panel and choose Troubleshooting. Then choose “Fix problems with Windows update,” as shown in this screenshot.

Two more situations can cause problems:

  • An errant app
  • An anti-virus program that is blocking the app

If only one app has a red X on its tile, you should try uninstalling and reinstalling it. If your anti-virus is the culprit make sure the app is “trusted” in the anti-virus settings.


The App troubleshooter

troubleshooter1If these simple methods don’t work, Microsoft has also provided an official Apps troubleshooter which can be used with both Windows 8 and 8.1. You will need to be logged in as Administrator before you use this tool. Once you have downloaded the tool, choose Windows Store Apps to begin the troubleshooter.

Image credit: Sandy Berger





Image credit: Sandy Berger



Choosing the Advanced option lets you apply repairs automatically or choose which repairs to implement.

The Windows Store is good when it works. Luckily when it doesn’t work properly, it is usually pretty easy to fix it.

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  • Highlowsel Smith

    Folks: What you’re saying here is that an errand APP shuts down the ability to ACCESS YOUR STORE?!?! An APP!??! Are you freakin’ OUT of your MINDS!? That’s like Home Depot saying “I’m sorry you can’t enter because the hedge clipper on aisle 8 is malfunctioning…..”
    It’s about the most laughably stupid thing I have ever heard. You are never gonna come CLOSE to your competition if you can’t prevent this sort of thing from happening.
    American Net’Zen

  • Laura Adams

    Just updated to Windows 8.1, and my app/store problem is fixed…for now. I had to try updating – through the store – several times, since the whole problem was that no apps would install, but it eventually downloaded and installed perfectly.

    • Justin lawhon

      how long did it take for this to happen…. it still wont install for me

  • Shauneepeak

    I have done everything here even downloading the app trouble shooter and I still simply get an infinite loading circle on the Windows Store and the trouble shooter tells me I have damaged Store Cache but it doesn’t do anything about it.

    I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro