In the Market for a Home Robot?

aNewDomian.netHome robots conjure images of giant silver walking butlers serving drinks to house guests. That may be a scene in the future, but for now more practical robots are serving families. 

Home robots are typically mono-functional. That is they can clean the floor, but not the windows. They scoop cat litter but can’t take it to the trash. Not completely multifunctional, but the bottom line: They free us from having to do doing tedious and messy household tasks like cleaning the floor, the cat box or gutters.

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Robot services start early. Need an alarm for the morning to get going? The Nanda Tocky alarm clock makes sure you wake up.  This robot clock sounds its alarm and then takes a leap off your night stand. Once off the nightstand, the robot rolls away until you retrieve it and shut off the alarm. That will definitely get you out of the bed.



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One of the best robots I found doesn’t work in the the house. It works on top of it. The iRobot Looj 330 cleans gutters from even years of buildup. And it’s so easy to use that you’ll clean the gutters more frequently.

It blasts away leaves, dirt, and clogs while brushing gutters clean. Spinning at 500 RPM, the high-velocity, four-stage auger breaks apart clogs, then lifts and throws them away from your roof as sweepers and a scraper clear the remaining debris.

With all the newly earned free time from cleaning the floors, litter box, and gutters, you have time to play with Genibo, the robotic dog. Genibo learns from you and your family and reacts accordingly showing love, affection, and other emotions just as a typical house dog would. Your family will love your Genibo and see it as a real pet dog.

We’re inching closer to a houseful of home robots. I’d like to see us controlling robots from our smartphones or computer by sending commands over the web. What do you think about home robots that aren’t just cleaners and sweepers? I look forward to what the future holds in home robotics.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Anthony Pruitt is an IT pro, a columnist and the podcast captain at Follow him @ihavnolyfe or on Google+ and email him at [email protected].

Ant Pruitt
Based in Charlotte, N.C., Anthony Pruitt is an IT pro, a columnist and the podcast captain at Email him at [email protected]
Ant Pruitt
Ant Pruitt
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