Increasing use of Linux in the enterprise

Linux is on the upswing among end users and IT enterprise pros – big time.

If you’re an enterprise planning or implementing a switch to open source for cloud support, usage or mission-critical applications, you’ve got friends. Check out the Linux 2013 Enterprise End User Report, created by the folks at the Linux Foundation.

Fully 73 percent of enterprises relied on Linux for mission-critical workloads, according to the report, when 2012 was said and done. That’s up from 69 percent in 2011 and 61 percent the year before.

That’s a slow and steady build-up. The move to Linux to support core cloud apps and services is yet steeper. Fewer than one percent of enterprises reported they were decreasing Linux use for cloud services, while 74 percent reported increase Linux implementation for the cloud.

And among enterprises and other big shops, embracing the cloud via Linux-based services and apps is a trend not going away any time soon.

When asked about their five-year plans for operating systems across the board, 20 percent reported a plan to reduce reliance on Microsoft Windows-based cloud and mission-critical apps. And 80 percent reported plans to move to Linux over the next five years.

It’s a GNU world. Check out the infographic below.


Image Courtesy: Linux Foundation


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