Infographic: The cloud as re-inventor of the CIO

Visual guide for the CIO trying to adapt to cloud technology

"My dear McClellan, if you don't want to use the Army, I should like to borrow it for awhile."

“My dear McClellan, if you don’t want to use the Army, I should like to borrow it for awhile.”

Chief information officers who are wondering whether it’s worth relocating resources into the cloud should consider the story of George McClellan, an embattled Civil War general who served under former President Abraham Lincoln.

McClellan graduated from the Military Academy at West Point second in his class and went on to fight admirably in the Mexican War, earning two promotions and the opportunity to teach at his alma mater. Yet McClellan’s apparent reluctance to follow presidential orders and engage in battle against the Confederate Army aggravated Lincoln, creating a tense working relationship, to say the least.

“My dear McClellan, if you don’t want to use the Army, I should like to borrow it for awhile,” Lincoln wrote in a note to the general before sidelining him.

CIOs aren’t expected to go to war. But they are expected to meet new expectations and satisfy the demands of the president — even if it’s just the one sitting in the corner office.

Being able to incorporate cloud-based applications and servers is becoming one of these demands as business leaders become convinced that heading to the cloud is necessary to run an IT shop that is more agile and efficient.

But embracing the cloud can be complicated by questions surrounding security, management and disaster planning. If these and other questions are blocking your IT department from the cloud, it’s time to get the answers and assurances.

Don’t be the McClellan of your organization. Being a leader of today’s data center involves innovating quickly and marching ahead, eager to advance despite unfamiliar challenges that may lie ahead.

Check out our infographic for some guidance and inspiration. It covers what defines the cloud-age CIO and how they are reinventing IT. Are you one of them?

5 ways the cloud is reinventing the CIO role

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Nick Clunn
Nick Clunn
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