Infographic: Fast Track BYOD with a User-Centered Approach

You can enjoy greater success when you put users at the center of your BYOD strategy, according to a recent Dell study that’s summarized in this infographic.

To understand which strategies are working for BYOD adopters, which aren’t and why, Dell surveyed approximately 1500 IT decision-makers from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, India and Beijing.

On the road to BYOD

The survey covered different paths to BYOD integration and concludes the following (by way of the infographic below):

  • A user-centered approach improves customer responsiveness (70 percent), work processes (70 percent)and employee productivity (74 percent).
  • A device-focused approach produces gaps in user productivity and data security
  • No approach at all puts an organization at a competitive disadvantage


IT organizations figured out that by focusing on users — user identities and access — they wouldn’t have to manage every type of smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop  employees want to use for work. And by focusing on managing user access rights, IT managers found they could secure company resources without impeding user productivity.¹

Continuing down that path, morale went up (by 71 percent) when employees were free to choose their own devices and work hours. And happier employees collaborated more ― 70 percent more.

Policies are good, but user-centered policies are better

You can protect your organization and realize huge productivity gains simply by putting the right BYOD policies in place. With a user-centered approach, you can get close the gaps in user productivity and data security, increase employee morale and sharpen your competitive edge.

BYOD Infographic

¹ Tom Kendra. “BYOD Reality Check: Focusing on users keeps companies ahead of the game,” (January, 2013)

Ann Newman

Ann Newman

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Ann Newman
Ann Newman
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