Luckily, the Office Just Isn’t What It Used to Be

For efficiency’s sake, it used to be the norm to fill up office buildings with employees and lock them into a schedule that had everyone on the premises at the same time. These days, that approach makes less and less sense for more and more companies.

Technology has made most of us more accessible and more connected. The effect is especially clear in the enterprise. We are in the era of the mobile workforce, which is increasingly dispersed across time zones and regions.

Today, that workforce is liberally peppered with “digital natives.” Those employees have never thought of computing as something that is only done from a desk in an office park from 9 to 5.

So why not play to their strengths? Think of the agility and responsiveness of employees who are always connected. Make the most of employees who are game for innovation in technology and inclined to think in terms of “How could this work better?” and “Apart from this, what do we really need?”

That said, these are among the concerns posed by the changing workforce:

  • Managing a sizable workforce that needs remote access.
  • Supporting the array of devices available.
  • Incorporating social media in responsible, sensible ways.
  • Securing consumer devices in the enterprise.
  • Deciding who pays for data plans, hardware, and device maintenance.

Dell and Intel have commissioned a series of reports, “The Evolving Workforce,” to examine trends behind consumerization and mobility and provide insight on the way forward. Here are some the topics explored in the first report:

  • The impact of information and communications technology on the labor force model.
  • Measuring productivity in a knowledge-based economy.
  • Which device, for which tasks, and selected by whom?
  • Sharing knowledge and managing relationships between “digital natives” and “pre-digitals.”
  • The IT manager role: What will it have to encompass?
  • Increased employee input and its impact on corporate structure.

The series is part of a long-term campaign that is taking the pulse on workforce trends across industries. As your company adapts to the increasingly mobile workforce primed to bring even more of its consumer devices into the enterprise, check back for subsequent results from the study.

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