Infographic: Tools for the Super Solopreneur – If you’re an entrepreneur working solo, you’re a so-called “solopreneur.” And there is an unprecedented array of tools available to make a solopreneur’s business shine for the least amount of personal time and financial investment.

The infographic below shows a rundown of how small businesses and individual entrepreneurs are using tech to get the most bang out of their buck. From e-payment systems, tablets, smartphones, virtual phone systems to video conferencing, the latest generation of tools let solopreneurs stay connected and get business done every bit as well as a larger, more traditional company can.

Such new tech as cloud storage and e-signature software make the small business owner’s job cheaper and easier across the board. Take cloud tech and apps like DocuSign — together they require a far smaller investment in hardware and file cabinets.

And then there’s contingency planning, once the realm of the big guys only. Some 38 percent of small business owners say they use cloud storage as part of their disaster recovery plans.

Public relations and marketing needs aren’t as pressing for the little guy these days, either. That’s thanks to social media, of course. Social tools are great for small businesses who need to stay connected with customers and also create a big guy presence with just a small guy budget.  Fully 90 percent small business owners say they use online networking to connect with their customers, according to a survey rendered in the infographic below.

And finally, there’s the tablet factor. It makes a big difference for small businesses, especially for solopreneurs. A whopping 84 percent of small businesses report they saw an increase in new business due to their mobile marketing activity. Here’s the data — alive and in color below in the Weapons of the Super Solopreneur infographic.


Joy Ma

Joy Ma

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Joy Ma
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