How to deliver data center power remote or branch offices

Dell releases the PowerEdge VRTX as the antidote to spreading IT staff thin across locales and tangling up the office footprint

PowerEdge VRTX brings the powerful IT of the main office to the branch office. Credit: Dell

PowerEdge VRTX brings the powerful IT of the main office to the branch office. Credit: Dell

Remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites often need the power and scalability of enterprise-grade IT, but many lack the space and staff to support it. The Dell PowerEdge VRTX platform packs data center power into a single office-optimized chassis.

In ROBO locations near and wide, enterprises may need to run a range of mission-critical applications such as point-of-sale (POS) systems in retail stores and electronic medical record

(EMR) systems in clinics. ROBOs require the computing performance and reliability to support mission-critical workloads and boost worker productivity. As well, rapidly increasing data volumes mean that flexibility and scalability to accommodate growth are top of mind for ROBOs.

Enter the PowerEdge VRTX platform, the first integrated IT solution designed specifically for remote- and small-office environments. By bringing together servers, storage, networking and management in a single shared chassis, PowerEdge VRTX delivers ample resources to support consolidation, virtualization and growth in ROBOs.

The PowerEdge VRTX platform is designed to deliver exceptional compute performance to drive demanding workloads. The chassis supports up to four PowerEdge M-Series half-height blade servers equipped with powerful Intel Xeon processors — the same blade servers used in enterprise data centers.

Moreover, the PowerEdge VRTX is a virtualization-ready platform that offers extensive scalability and flexible workload provisioning. Intel processors power the performance, large-scale memory capacity and I/O throughput to virtualize applications. In addition, the blade servers access the same internal shared storage, creating an environment that is well suited for virtualization. Scalable storage up to 48 TB enables organizations to add capacity easily within the enclosure.

Accelerating ROBO deployment, management

PowerEdge VRTX is optimized for the size, power and noise requirements of office environments. Because floor space may be at a premium, PowerEdge VRTX helps overcome hardware sprawl by converging IT resources in a tower-sized chassis that can sit unobtrusively beside a desk or on the office floor. Alternatively, the chassis can be mounted in just 5U of rack space in an IT closet.

PowerEdge VRTX supports 100V AC – 240V AC power, avoiding the need to rewire an office for high-line power. And because it’s designed to operate more quietly than a hallway conversation, the platform is nondisruptive from an acoustical standpoint, even in open office spaces.

Because many ROBOs have few or no dedicated IT administrators, powerful, highly integrated IT solutions ease deployment and ongoing management. ROBO staff, as well as headquarters data center staff, can manage PowerEdge VRTX using Dell OpenManage tools for local, remote and large-scale systems management. By unifying the management of servers, storage and networking, the OpenManage tools streamline administrative tasks with flexible systems management options.

The PowerEdge VRTX platform offers a robust, office-optimized IT infrastructure to help ROBOs support a wide range of mission-critical functions without getting bogged down by the size and complexity of typical enterprise data center environments. To learn more about PowerEdge VRTX, read the Dell Power Solutions article, “Bringing order to IT chaos in remote offices.”

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