RSA Conference 2013: The Week Ahead in Tech

Golden Gate BridgeThe RSA Conference 2013 kicks off this week in San Francisco. It has an entire agenda track devoted to government IT security issues, and its speaker roster is chock-full of government officials hailing from the White House, the FBI, other federal agencies, as well as state and local government.

This is only fitting, given the cyber security issues that have plagued the government just in this year alone. It’s also a sign that government and the private sector need to combine forces on major cyber security challenges. In fact, a Network World article paints RSA Conference 2013 as the most important RSA ever.

RSA Conference 2013: Focus on Cyber Security

Still, government cyber security is far from the only focus at this comprehensive security event, to be held at San Franicsco’s Moscone Center February 25-March 1. Alongside tracks on cloud security and virtualization, cryptography, data security and privacy and government risk and compliance are a number of new session tracks, including:

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Viewpoint. CISOs from a wide range of industries will discuss the latest trends and issues in information security throughout the course of RSA Conference 2013.

Enterprise Defense. Sessions in this track will cover the policy, planning and emerging areas of enterprise security architecture and strategy.  This track includes advanced sessions on ways to protect corporate assets from unwanted intrusion, vulnerability research, forensics, security policies, security assessment, and bridges the disciplines of data security, network security, access control and threat management.

The Human Element. The Human Element is a new frontier for security. This half track will cover insider threats, social networking, social engineering and security awareness programs. Sessions will explore how people make trust choices with technology, innovative ways to secure the human, and how classic attacks are being rearchitected to include a human element.

Identity & Access Management. This half track will cover the processes, technologies and policies for managing digital identities, their authentication, authorization, roles and privileges/permissions within or across system and enterprise boundaries and controlling how identities can be used to access resources.

Security Trends & Innovation. Security Trends covers emerging technology/business trends with an emphasis on new developments and business environment impact. This half track includes non-implementation security issues, such as strategic trends and financing . It also contains forward-looking sessions that help organizations prepare for changes in the IT security ecosystem.

Can’t make it to RSA Conference 2013? Don’t despair. RSA is making selected podcasts available that give you a taste of the scope of topics being covered.

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Susan Nunziata is Director of Editorial for, a UBM Tech community.

Susan Nunziata

Susan Nunziata

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Susan Nunziata is Director of Editorial for, a UBM Tech community.
Susan Nunziata
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