Soluto: remote performance manager – Soluto is a cloud-based service for network administrators and integrators to service, monitor and manage PCs and servers from any location. It’s also easy enough to install that power-users or even ordinary users with a superior working knowledge of PC management and administration install it and begin administering computer support for other users.

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By installing a lightweight client that runs as a service, admins can perform many of the same functions that required multiple services from different vendors, like application deployment, patching and performance monitoring. Once installed the service checks the PC for lurking problems like slow boot time, CPU hogs and hardware problems.

Soluto has 3 components:

  • Chop Boot allows you to diagnose and fix problems with booting up the PC.
  • Lighten Web Browser, which shows which toolbars, add-ons and plug-ins are affecting the performance of a browser.
  • Heal Crashes  which“analyzes application crashes against tens of millions of crashes already collected, and finds solutions to prevent them from recurring.”

Image Courtesy: Soluto

The agent communicates with Soluto’s servers and notifies the admin via the dashboard when a PC in the pool that needs attention and maintenance. The software is crowdsourced of sorts because Soluto’s servers gather data from previous user’s problems to solve current problems.

Once the PC is managed, the admin can remotely deploy and configure apps like Skype and Dropbox as well as customize a default browser, homepage, and search engine.

It also manages and deploys updates without disturbing the user.

The remote administrator does not have access to the user’s desktop or file system so even if it’s not a close friend or trusted colleague, the files cannot be read or copied.

The admin can access the desktop if the user expresses permission to do so at which point it because like any typical remote screen-share session.

Soluto uses all SLL to transmit data across the internet and file encryption so that communication between Soluto’s software and servers will be protected from eavesdropping and other malicious attacks.

Dino Londis
Based in New York, Dino Londis is an IT veteran, an alum of The National Lampoon and a senior technologist at Contact him at [email protected]
Dino Londis
Dino Londis
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