Stand by for a rugged service announcement

Our rugged notebooks are built to meet some tough standards — but we wanted to see just how tough.

Rugged LatitudeWe’ve heard quite a few interesting stories from our customers. Ever since we launched our first rugged notebook in 2008, we’ve heard about these notebooks surviving hard falls, blistering heat and very damp conditions. We developed our Latitude E6420 XFR specifically to meet MIL-STD-810 — and we were curious about how far beyond those standards we could push our rugged notebooks.

Our customers need to be certain they can use the rugged notebooks they buy from us wherever they need to go and for most of those customers, that involves inhospitable conditions and climates. Whether they’re mounted in the back of a police cruiser, left out on an oil rig in the middle of an ocean, or on patrol in a far off desert — the solutions we provide our customers need to be just as extreme as the conditions they’ll be exposed to. Our customers expect the same business-class performance that they have come to expect from any other enterprise notebook from Dell. What they’re learning is that we can give them that performance wrapped in a rugged and survivable shell.

Just ask blogger and gear tester Billy Brown from Trek Tech Blog. His career is devoted to testing gear and technology in the most extreme conditions on the planet. He brought the Latitude rugged ATG on his snowboarding trip to Chile and put it to the test in a snow storm. The Dell rugged ATG survived the bumps and bruises that come along with traveling from the U.S. deep into the Andes Mountains and back and lived to tell the tale.

Likewise our NASCAR racing team, JTG Daugherty Racing, shared their story about the use of rugged technology on the racetrack. JTG Daugherty Racing asked Dell to help them use technology to help to better manage the testing and tuning of the No. 47 car driven by racing veteran Bobby Labonte. Now with the help of their Dell fully rugged notebooks, JTG Daugherty’s drivers and pit crews can monitor the impact of different variations that are made to the cars. Through these on-track, in-race adjustments they have been able to shave milliseconds off of laps because of rugged technology.

Dell’s rugged technology really does speak for itself, but we wanted to see just how rugged — rugged really is.

We took some extreme stories we’ve heard about from our customers and put our rugged notebooks to a series of extreme tests simulating those conditions. We also decided we should film the whole experience. As you can imagine, our “legal” team wasn’t too keen on the idea of pushing the XFR beyond its limits and putting it on film for all to see. We’re happy to say the XFR passed our tests with flying colors — watch the video below to see why we’re so proud of our XFR.

Share your rugged tech experiences. What’s the most extreme place that you’ve sent an email or tweeted from? We want to hear your stories here on Tech Page One and on Twitter @DellRugged and the Dell Instagram. Use hashtag #MyRugged to share your story.


AJ Deatherage
AJ works for Strategic Programs and Sales Management at Dell and wears a variety of hats to drive accelerated growth for Dell's Rugged business. Examples include demand generation, business development, sales enablement, channel optimization, pricing strategy, training, industry and competitive analysis, Web development, coverage optimization, walking and chewing gum.
AJ Deatherage
AJ Deatherage
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