Many Top Recruits Want Telecommuting

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Telecommuting options wanted by top recruits

The mobile explosion is challenging the traditional business structure. Has the standard 8-to-5 business day been put out to pasture? Not quite, but, work-life balance accommodation (including remote work, or “telecommuting”) is as high up on the chain of incentives as salary, bonus and benefits for the best and brightest talent. According to a recent Forbes article, 80 percent of employers surveyed said that “workshifting” options help them recruit top talent — and reduce attrition by 25 percent.

Telecommuting Growth Based on Technology, Family Needs

This trend shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s grown organically out of technological advancements and the death of the single-income household. It takes two now to pay bills and get kids to and from school and medical appointments, as well as to alternate caregiver tasks when the kids are sick. Keeping employees productive during those times is a significant advantage to businesses. But it’s not just the new family model that is driving the demand. Top technology talent, single or otherwise, likes the flexibility of working hours and locations of their choice. Been into a coffee shop lately during “normal” business hours? You’ll find a busy workforce with their laptops at hand and their minds a million miles away into their job.

Flexibility Can Improve Productivity

Flexibility is the name of the new hiring game. Used to be employers wanted you to be flexible: if they needed you at odd hours, you’d best accommodate. And you surely assured them you would in an interview. Well, the tables have turned and the workforce is looking for companies that realize flexibility is a two-way street. Implementing telecommute solutions — such as Mobile Workforce Management  and KACE from Dell — will put you well on your way to improving your productivity and products as well as hiring and retaining the best employees.

Linda Freeman

Linda Freeman

Dell Contributor at Tech Page One
Linda Freeman
Linda Freeman
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