Three Ways to Protect Users From Themselves – Users have more power with data than ever. With that power comes the potential for abuse or neglect. Here are three ways to secure your data (and your enterprise) and protect users from themselves.

Group Policy via Active Directory

Microsoft’s Active Directory lets IT teams implement specific access and permissions to any connected computer or user account across the network. If the officers of the company have budget projections shared on the network, it is likely they don’t want subordinates accessing this sensitive data. With a group policy or security group rule, the file and/or specified directory on the network can be secured only for the officers of the company.

Software Restrictions

IT teams can limit what software is installed by end users with certain security software installed on the PCs. For example, setting up filters that block instant messenger clients such as Yahoo Messenger or Skype can encourage the users to use email or the telephone for communication and potentially keep productivity high as it may discourage idle “chatting.” Socializing with peers is then limited to when users take breaks. Instant messenger clients often encourage more socializing during critical operations and can decrease productivity.

Internet Content Filtering

The Internet is a powerful resource for research in the enterprise, but this great tool is often the biggest hindrance and the most dangerous. Setting up on the network level prevents users from accessing specific websites or even specific types of websites that are pornographic or gambling sites. It’s been proven that certain websites can lead a user down a path of malware which can harm the computer’s performance or spread virally across the network. Clicking on the wrong item on Facebook can invite Trojans or keystroke loggers rooted into the PC and end days of productivity.

Protecting the users from themselves protects the data of the enterprise. By implementing these safeguards you keep your users safe and productive.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Anthony Pruitt is an IT pro, a columnist and the podcast captain at Follow him @ihavnolyfe or on Google+ and email him at [email protected]

Ant Pruitt
Based in Charlotte, N.C., Anthony Pruitt is an IT pro, a columnist and the podcast captain at Email him at [email protected]
Ant Pruitt
Ant Pruitt
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