Video: Dell solves issues 140 characters at a time

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Amy Fowler-Tennison teaches Dell employees how to effectively communicate with customers over social media. Credit: Dell

There are more than 25,000 online conversations about Dell each day — and that’s only counting what people are saying in English.

The incredible breadth and volume of this chatter led Dell three years ago to launch its Social Media Command Center to listen, engage and act through whichever platform a customer shares a compliment, complaint or idea about the company.

Today, the command center supports a dedicated team of agents who reply directly to online commenters, and training programs for in-house experts who want to effectively interact with customers on social media.

How? Dell social media customer services manager Giovanni Tavani explains in this article about how the company turns ranters into ravers.

Tech Page One recently visited the command center at Dell headquarters in Round Rock, Texas to see how this outreach works.

It’s our first installment in a three-part video series that goes behind the scenes at Dell to explore how its team members are meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers.



Nick Clunn is an award-winning journalist who has worked for several websites and daily newspapers, including The Record in New Jersey. He teaches journalism as an adjunct instructor at Montclair State University. Follow him @NickClunn.

Nick Clunn
Nick Clunn is a journalist covering the tech beat and an adjunct professor at Montclair State University. He lives in New Jersey, where he had worked as a staff writer for several leading daily newspapers and websites.
Nick Clunn
Nick Clunn
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