Where in the World is Your Secure Connection? Dell & Qualcomm Say Everywhere

In our 24-7 work world, executives and managers are often expected to work anywhere and everywhere, whether their employees are lounging at airports, locked into road trips or in bathrobes in hotel rooms. But depending on where you are exactly, connectivity can often be a sketchy issue. Problems persist with relying on our own devices for work as opposed to company-provided instruments, and with the fact that we often depend on wireless capabilities to allow us to do the work we’re expected to do no matter where in the country, or the world, we are.

One of these industry-wide problems is connection reliability. The other is battery power. Relying on wifi can be spotty, depending on location, and also opens up a slew of potential privacy and security issues. Given that many global power connectors and ports are different from those in the United States, connecting can require a universal adapter.  Yet the simple truth many of us have experienced is that sometimes there are simply no outlets to be had. That excuse will never fly with your boss, unfortunately. The result is that many are left relying on putting their device’s battery power to the test.

But there are other options. And a new partnership between two tech giants is seeking to literally connect that outage.

Meet the Dell XPS 10, a tablet powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and the new Microsoft Windows RT. The teamwork results in a powerful device that takes advantage of Microsoft’s new, battery-efficient operating system, and retails for less than $500 for the 32BG model. The specs are like a powerful turbo engine packed into a small, sleek body: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a microSD slot. And just like in fine automobiles, the accessories here really ramp up the feel: A detachable dock with keyboard and trackpad, a USB and HDMI slot and a 31WH battery. This additional battery works with the built-in one to give you combined battery life. This power lets the XPS stay on standby for days. That’s right: Days.

Another huge positive for enterprise use is built-in data encryption and anti-malware features. That means if, God forbid, the device werestolen or lost, as long as the device’s security measures are enabled, no one will be able to access and read your data.

The other component in this compelling package is the built-in modem, made by Qualcomm’s Gobi division. It’s an embedded wireless modem designed to put an end to frustrating connectivity and communications limitations. In other words, the device doesn’t need to search for a Wi-Fi signal for a connection. It uses the same technology that cell phones do to connect online. This means you can connect anywhere.

Part of the device’s magic comes from Snapdragon, which designed a chip that packs a heavyweight uppercut: a CPU, graphics chip, audio capabilities, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth all in one. This is what keeps the unit light and powerful.

Francisco Cheng, Qualcomm’s senior technical marketing manager, calls the chip the glue that makes the XPS such a valuable device for on-the-go business use.

“You could be in the Sahara and get online,” Cheng explained. “It’s a matter of getting a cell phone signal. If you can get it on your phone, chances are you can get it on your tablet.”

And with Qualcomm blogs hinting at the release of a new Snapdragon 600 processor for their mobile devices, supported devices may even get more desirable should future XPS devices incorporate the upgrade. Put this on your wish-list.

Adam Popescu is a contributor writer to Tech Page One. He he has written on technology, social media, green business, eco-travel, politics, arts, culture and sports for a variety of publications.

Adam Popescu
Adam Popescu
Adam Popescu has covered social media, green business and eco-travel for a variety of news outlets, including Marketplace, LA Weekly and Los Angeles Times Community Newspapers.
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